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TWINS is a collaborative project by Gill Schmid Design and Dörries Yachts— a 220ft (70m) mothership and her ‘twin’ a 220ft (70m) support vessel.


Built on the same platform, these two vessels offer a new approach to the more traditional use of mothership/ support vessels. These TWINS are, by birth, bound to each other, not identical, but in complete sync. This pair of vessels are optimized to the fullest extent.

The 220ft (70m) mothership boasts guest accommodation and facilities normally associated with a 328+ foot (100+ meter) yacht. And in return the support vessel has everything a 328+ foot (100+ meter) explorer vessel normally offers. Both built to ICE class, this pair is truly flexible in every aspect, comparable equally to a 328+ foot (100+ meter) explorer AND a 328+ foot (100+meter) superyacht— pure luxury and unbound exploration in a truly unique combination.


The TWINS separate crew from guest operations, leaving the bare minimum of crew and service spaces on the mothership, the majority of crew living on the support vessel, where tender operations are carried out.

Landing by helicopter even happens on the support vessel, where it can then be stowed away while the owner arrives onto the mother ship by tender.


The owner and guests maintain all the luxuries of being aboard a superyacht, while gaining added privacy and security.

Given the current situation of health concerns, and what is already becoming more important for owners— overall wellness and full security on board— the TWINS offer a clearer separation and buffer between supplies, operations, provisions, crew, and the guests. Most stores and crew are on the support vessel and cross overs are more controlled.

Two 220-foot (70- meter) yachts instead of a 460-foot (140 meter) yacht?


The TWINS offer advantages in terms of anchorage, performance, AND operations.

Both are built on the same platform so there is a level of 'interchangeability' which is not found on a more conventional mother ship/support vessel combination.

The build speed overall compared to building one 460-foot (140 meter) vessel is also faster, as they can be ‘parallel processed’. The repeatability of engineering and steps of construction also factor into the build time. The support vessel only has 2 minimal guest spaces, so the interior finish can be spec’d out in a much more paired down way to the mothership.


All of this making the build cost cheaper than a much less adaptable 460-footer (140 meter).

The yacht is to be built by Dörries Yachts, offering the very best in German build quality.




  • 1 Owner Suite with Private Outdoor Deck
  • 6 Guest Suites
  • 13 Crew Extensive fully openable Beach club
  • Cinema
  • 2 Guest Suites at waterline, 4 guest suites on bridge deck
  • Large guest gym, spa, sauna, massage, steam room
  • Piano bar and after dinner lounge
  • Formal dining
  • Show kitchen and chef’s table
  • Pool with pool bars and extensive indoor/ outdoor lounge
  • Alfresco dining
  • Outdoor (sushi) bar
  • Completely private owner suite/ deck with private al fresco dining and jacuzzi

Support Vessel:

  • 0 Owner Suite 0 Guest Suites
  • 23 Crew
  • Extensive additional food and wine stores
  • 23 crew
  • Crew gym
  • Heli garage
  • Ocean farm with fish tanks and hydroponics for the ultimate farm to table experience
  • Large tender garage (master craft, 7-meter RIB, 6 jet skis, 2 cars, scooters, motor bikes, quad bikes, 3 Ski-doos)
  • Triton submarine, Icon Aircraft, 10-meter Limousine Tender, 11-meter Damen Interceptor
  • Dive center/ school (with shower/ changing) for guests
  • Heli landing and adjacent guest lounge

Length: 70.00 Meters

Length on Waterline: 69.65 Meters

Beam: 12.25 Meters

Draft: 3.30 Meters

Shipyard: Dörries Yachts

Exterior Design: Gill Schmid Design

Interior Design: Gill Schmid Design

Hull Material: Steel

Class: Ice Class

Superstructure Material: Aluminum Alloy

Type: Diesel Electric