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WineCab – a robotically powered AI system for wine collections. Every superyacht needs one.

In today’s world, technology permeates everything. For yacht owners, their vessel is not only the ultimate getaway, but also their home away from home, an expression of their lifestyle, and an unrivalled opportunity to create something that seamlessly matches their own personal preferences and style. As we see new builds and re-fits focused on incorporating the most tech-forward and innovative solutions for the sea, WineCab brings industry-first technology to the yachting community so owners can enjoy their wine collections by land or by sea. For any wine connoisseur, WineCab is destined to become a focal point aboard a yacht. So why not set sail with your very own AI “virtual” sommelier?

Created by Mark Chaney, the CEO and Founder of Calvary Robotics, WineCab is the first ever robotically powered system for wine collections, featuring a wine management system, temperature control, security settings, and most importantly—a 7 axis industrial high speed robotic arm, created exclusively for use in the models to load, scan and dispense bottles withing 15 seconds with just the touch of a finger.

WineCab models allow owners to display their collection of up to 600 bottles. Wine bottles are robotically scanned into Delectable -- the most advanced wine management system on the market. The system also provides real-time data and recent history of bottles moved, dispensed or stored as well as relevant information on the wine itself including type, name, producers, varietals, and regions. Each WineCab also comes with an integrated AI system that assists with wine pairing selections and personalized suggestions. If a certain vintage is running low within the unit, WineCab will alert its owner to order more. Facial recognition security has the ability to lock out important bottles from certain users – so your prized bottle of Château Lafite will remain pristine!

WineCabs may be custom fitted and installed aboard yachts to seamlessly integrate into any space with unique finishings to satisfy all tastes. WineCab’s artisan craftsmen will build each model to one’s exacting specifications. Custom finishing options include exotic wood species, metal trims, interior wallpaper, and personalized engraving.