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This week at the Monaco Yacht Show, Water Revolution Foundation is introducing its collaboration with yacht designers specifically on sustainability via the Water Revolution Foundation’s collaborative platform.

Initiated by the designers themselves following four successful roundtables held during the last year, a group of leading naval architects, interior and exterior designers are going to embark on the sustainability journey collectively. Their motto is ‘sharing knowledge and experience to accelerate towards sustainable yacht design and to make smarter client propositions’. They understand their key role in driving sustainability in yacht design and the impact of their proposals for the rest of the lifetime of the yachts.

“It is the first time naval architects, interior and exterior yachts designers are going to structurally collaborate on the international level, which is an important step in itself. This taskforce will be solely focused on sustainability and will be organized through Water Revolution Foundation. We’ve set up taskforce values to ensure active and equal participation, with concrete output. That is not only in the spirit of Water Revolution Foundation, also necessary to make the steps needed towards a sustainable industry.” Robert van Tol – Executive director.

The announcement will be held this Thursday during the Monaco Yacht Show at the Yacht Design and Innovation Hub.