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The Pembrokeshire islands off the coast of Wales have a rich history with some inhabited as far back as prehistory and many boasting Viking names, a legacy of the early Norse raiders of the 8th-10th centuries. Some are steeped in myths and legends while some reflect early Christian influence. Each island has its own distinctive character and unique landscape where wildlife abounds, and time stands still.


Ffion Rees, Company Director and skipper of Falcon Boats, has worked the waters around Ramsey Sound for over 20 years. She has been a member of the St David’s lifeboat crew for over 10 years, is a WISE ( wildlife- safe operator) accredited skipper, a powerboat instructor and a qualified Marine Mammal Observer. She had a book written about her experience rescuing and rehabilitating a Peregrine Falcon (Queen of the Sky by Jackie Morris) and Rees herself is an author, having recently written a book about Ramsey.


Falcon Boats is committed to responsible tourism, sustainability and citizen science. Falcon Boats is a member of the Pembrokeshire Marine Code and partners with Seawatch Foundation – a charity that works to conserve & protect cetaceans and their habitats to ensure their continued health and survival. Falcon Boats collects sightings data for them, and its vessels are licensed to carry out cetacean photo ID. You can join Falcon Boats on these exclusive scientific based trips where we head out offshore with a Seawatch scientist to monitor and photograph whales, dolphins and porpoises.


‘Ramsey and its waters started off as my playground, later became my office and has lost none of its magic to this day, says Rees’. Both our 10-meter open Humber RIBs Atlantic Storm and Storm Petrel are the ultimate in wildlife tourism boats. Humber has a pedigree second to none in the RIB market with 50 years’ experience.


These RIBs are renowned for their unique high performance ‘deep V’ hull design, which have an enviable reputation for excelling in adverse sea states. Storm Petrel was a brand new addition to the fleet last year and both boats are custom built for Falcon Boats’ application.


“We are committed to responsible tourism where we respect nature and encourage clients to do the same. We are nature lovers that through observations and studies wish to preserve the environment, keeping our connection with our marine wildlife alive and we will lead by example,” says Rees.

You can watch sea lions and porpoises playing and birders will be rewarded with siting’s of Puffins, Peregrine Falcons, Guillemots, Razorbills, Kittiwakes, Shearwater, and more.