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Videoworks presented an exclusive preview of its "Pop Up Speaker,"an audio innovation for external areas. This totally retractable speaker is the ideal solution for all those spaces, such as large salons or external decks, where you don’t want to have visual impediments. Customizable in both materials and colors, the Pop-Up Speaker integrates with any interior design solution thanks to its limited depth of disappearance (only 75 centimeters), eliminating the need for exposed, fixed speakers or cables that spoil the appearance and decor of an environment.


Thanks to its waterproof technology, the Pop-Up Speaker is ideal for outdoor environments, but it also fits perfectly in indoor spaces. Pop-up speaker is equipped with passive K-array speakers powered at low voltage and features a closing mechanism made by AMS Advanced Mechanical Solutions to ensure that the product opens and closes silently.


Also, Videoworks presented MyInfo 3.0, a fully integrated entertainment-info-domotics interface. Simple and intuitive —inspired by the interfaces of the most popular streaming networks —MyInfo 3.0 integrates control of all the infotainment, automation and CCTV on-board. Easily accessible via Smart TV + remote control and tablet, MyInfo 3.0 is an open system able to integrate the most popular digital and streaming services and it also offers a fully customizable access for each device.