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Triton is teaming up with SHADOWCAT for a new support yacht concept, named SHADOWLARK, designed exclusively for launch and recovery of their submarines. Clients can commit to this new concept for less than USD$10M, including the submersible, with delivery in around 18 months.

IC21207-M-013-1-P2 Exterior Model (10)

The 82ft/24m Launch-and-Recovery Craft (LARC) is designed by support SHADOWCAT (creator of award-winning HODOR), and includes Triton’s best-selling 3300/3 MKII submersible, designed to carry a pilot and two passengers to up to 3300 ft. Note: this submarine gained fame for its starring role in a number of recent international documentary hits, notably including Will Smith’s Welcome to Earth and the BBC’s Blue Planet II.

IC21207-M-013-1-P2 Exterior Model (9)

Ultimately, SHADOWLARK is a scalable solution to the logistical challenges associated with launching, recovering, and supporting a submersible weighing up to 12,000 kg (26,400 lbs.). It is ideally purposed to:

  • Operate independently
  • Support an existing private, research-focused or chartered yacht fleet
  • Serve as a multi-function package for marine research institutes, documentary film-makers underwater archaeology and surveying missions
  • Add new underwater options to luxury resort excursion packages around the world
  • To meet the growing demand from the non-profit and commercial sectors for submersible charter. With very few submersible charter opportunities available globally, SHADOWLARK is anticipated to gain considerable attention as a charter investment.