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Triton’s new model, the 1000/2 MKII, which pays homage to its 2010 and 2011 predecessors, was born of high demand from owners seeking a more compact submarine to accompany their yachts. Without the obligation to change crane limits, the 1000/2 MKII comes complete with a contemporary exterior aesthetic designed to pair beautifully with all yachts.

Weighing in at 6,613 pounds (3,000 kilos), and with a top speed of 4 knots, the Triton 1000/2 MKII is a smaller, lighter and faster version of its predecessor, the Triton 1000/2. Designed to comfortably accommodate two people, this compact and agile submersible is an excellent choice for anybody wishing to pilot his own superyacht submersible and explore the wonders of the ocean together with a family member or friend.

Like the previous 1000/2 models, the 1000/2 MKII is capable of wide-spectrum missions while adhering to Triton’s market-leading characteristics. It offers a 270-degree panorama, which includes the essential downward view, allowing passengers an unobstructed view of the deep blue. A climate-controlled interior makes for a comfortable atmosphere, while the owner’s ability to choose custom materials and color schemes transforms the vessel into a personalized work of art.

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