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The Superyacht Industry— “101” This new book has everything you would want to know about the world of superyachts


If a university offered an elective course called “Superyacht Industry 101,” then, the newly published book, The Superyacht Industry by Marcela de Kern Royer would definitely be required reading. Monaco-based industry professional, Royer has put together an expert tome on the topic. This comprehensive hardcover coffee table book— at whopping 920 pages and weighing approximately 9lbs— encompasses just about everything you ever wanted to know about the world of superyachts. Focusing mainly on yachts over 164-feet /50 meters in length, the book is a thorough overview of the ecosystem of the yachting industry, replete with solid information accompanied by excellent photos, charts, graphs and illustrations.


The Superyacht Industry book starts with yachting basics such as yachting vocabulary, terms and definitions and then moves into subjects such as yacht design, building a yacht, sales, charter, management, ownership, crew, maritime law, and the future of yachting. Each chapter has numerous subheadings and sub text making it easy to follow.

In order to create this comprehensive well -researched volume, Royer tapped nearly 100 yachting industry professionals to collaborate on the text. Leading names in the superyacht industry have lent their knowledge and expertise to each chapter in the book. For instance the ‘Yacht Design’ chapter was written by Tim Heywood, Sorgiovanni Design, Winch Design, Van Oossanen, and Lateral Naval Architects. The chapter on ‘Yacht Sales’ was written by Edmiston, Ocean Independence, and Fraser Yachts. ‘Yacht Building’ was penned by Oceanco and ‘Maritime Law’ by Hill Dickinson.


The book showcases the complexities involved in building and owning a yacht. It is clear from the information presented that much of the superyacht world is interlinked. For instance, one hypothetical scenario for how the whole process begins is: a broker develops a relationship with a prospective yacht owner, then he introduces his client to a builder and the builder might then suggest a designer, and the designer may wish to work with favorite subcontractors… there are many testimonials and tales from Royer’s sources that explain the intricacies of relationships in the superyacht world.


Royer’s hope for the book is that it will be a reference for future generations, which will make the industry more transparent and more professional moving forward. Royer calls her book an interactive book in that while you read it, if you have questions or comments you can start a discussion with industry professionals on a dedicated online forum:

About the Author: Marcela de Hern Royer, has lived, worked and studied around the world, and is fluent in six languages. She is the founder and owner of Onboard, a consulting firm based in Monaco specialized in the sales to HNWI and luxury marketing in the yachting industry. She was development director for Icon Yachts and was also the founder and president of the Young Professionals in Yachting (YPI) Monaco chapter, among many other pursuits. She has a passion for all things yachting.