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Antonini Navi will soon begin operations as a full spectrum yachting service out of the Cantiere Navale Marina di Pertusola shipyard in Muggiano on the Gulf of La Spezia.

Services will include construction of custom yachts up to 230-feet (70 meters) in length, refits, after-sales and superyacht berthing, as well as continuing to build for third parties. Antonini Navi will also create a line of yachts called Crossover from 98 feet to 164 feet (30 to 50 meters) in length, designed by La Spezia architect and designer Fulvio De Simoni. Crossovers are designed to have cross-market appeal.


The new Antonini Navi brand has been spearheaded by Aldo Manna, who recognized the potential of the Marina di Pertusola site and tapped into the entrepreneurial strength of the Gruppo Antonini.

Gruppo Antonini S.p.A has been operating in the Oil & Gas sector since the second half of the 1940s, earning a reputation for its knowhow and capabilities in the global implementation of Offshore and Onshore projects, as a provider of engineering, procurement, production, testing and commissioning services for large oil platforms. The company, founded just after the World War II, is still run by the Antonini family (brothers Massimo, Lorenzo and Simone Antonini).


Antonini Navi is a dream that has always been dear to our family,” explains Simone Antonini, Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Antonini Navi. “In the 1980s, our grandfather Walter, who founded the business, recognised the enormous potential of the Pertusola site as a hub for yachting and related services. That is why we were so enthusiastic about Aldo’s proposal to set up Antonini Navi together. As well as being a great friend of mine since we were children, Aldo is someone who fully embodies the values of our business: family, hard work and determination. Aldo is also a formidable professional in superyacht construction and marketing and the right man to complete our team, with his constant focus on achieving new objectives.

Our family are firm believers in this project, which is why we’ve decided to invest 10 million euros to convert the entire La Spezia shipyard area and make a bold entrance into a sector where we already had a presence through refitting operations and contract production. We will never stop looking further into the future.”


“I’m honoured to be an integral and active part of the new brand,” continues Antonini Navi creator and partner Aldo Manna. “This is a great project with solid foundations: the Antonini family still runs the industrial group that bears its name as a ‘family business’, in which personal, human relationships are always the true cornerstone of the business model. Now more than ever, clients feel the need to deal directly with the owners of a shipyard and not just with investment fund managers.”

Another strength of this new brand is its engagement with some of the most reliable experts in the sector, all of them, without exception, from La Spezia and bound together by high professional and personal esteem.


Gruppo Antonini now has about 200 employees and 50 collaborators and several of them will be assigned to the new project, which focuses on four distinct areas of action, all based at Antonini Navi’s Marina di Pertusola headquarters.

  1. Megayacht construction for third parties: shipyards or other sector operators contract out the construction of certain lines to Antonini Navi, which has an advanced production facility with systems and equipment for making steel hulls and superstructures.

  2. Full Custom Yacht production: Antonini Navi can meet all requirements in terms of both size and category. The knowhow and expertise of its engineers, craftsmen and other professionals are backed up by advanced design systems, innovative technology and extensive production facilities, thus guaranteeing high standards of quality, safety and reliability, but also seaworthiness and focus on detail.

  3. Refitting: operating out of its own shipyard, Antonini Navi will provide routine and extraordinary maintenance services for yachts of any size and level of wear, with the aim of prompt delivery while always ensuring the highest quality standards thanks to the installation of highly reliable, latest-generation technology. This is a field in which the group already operates, with major customers including the Italian Navy, for which it worked on the famous training vessel Vespucci, a tall ship built in 1930.

  4. Antonini Navi range: the yard will develop a full range of displacement and semi-displacement yachts designed by the brand’s Creative Director Fulvio de Simoni. The new line of yachts, Crossover, is a concept that embodies the excellence imprinted in the group’s DNA. The Crossover line’s common denominator is a voluminous but flowing design under the waterline and the contemporary lines. The first unit to be built will be the 130 feet (40 meters) Crossover, a yacht incapsulating all the features and potential of the line.