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In 2019, Arksen unveiled its vision for a new concept in sustainable marine adventures. The ambitious project has rapidly gained momentum, with the sale of the first two Arksen 85s last year, both currently in build on the Isle of Wight, and are due on the water early 2023. The Arksen 85 represents the flagship vessel within the Arksen Explorer Series, with the Arksen 75 and Arksen 65 making up the Explorer fleet with larger concepts in development.

Arksen 85 Hull 2 in build entering same hall as hull 1 - July 2022

As with all Arksen vessels, the Arksen 85 offers robust build quality, excellent reliability and superb efficiency, combined with comfort, style and safety, as expected from a modern, long-range cruising vessel.

The Arksen 85 is designed to access remote areas of the globe and operates safely in extreme environments whilst being equally capable of cruising in more accessible waters. The design of the vessel and the on-board systems allow for operation in a wide range of conditions, including high latitudes, tropical climates and adverse weather as well as extended periods in remote regions without external support.

Arksen 85 Hull 2 in build - July 2022

Project Ocean, Arksen 85/01, will have four cabins accommodating up to 10 people including a full beam master suite with multi-purpose library/study/media room/children’s cabin. She has an efficient cruising speed of 9-11 knots, a top speed of 14 knots and a maximum range of up to 7,000 nm. Project Ocean has a full hybrid propulsion package and energy management system supplied by Praxis Automation Technology. Solar capacity onboard offers up to 7kW of zero-carbon electrical power. On-board heating and ventilation systems use thermal reclaim for improved efficiency.

Arksen 85 Fore Deck Render

Perfect for a couple or family, the Arksen 65 has a flexible layout as standard and offers two spacious cabins, with the option of a third cabin, or either study or snug—an ideal room to relax and unwind after a day's adventure. The space on the aft deck can be configured with modular seating for comfortable entertaining, a large sunshade option, or alternatively to carry toys for watersports and underwater equipment. The salon provides panoramic views due to the extensive glazing, and connects to the open galley that allows for cooking with a view. The explorer vessel has an exterior raised helm position which comes with an open or a glazed wrap-around, enclosed design providing exceptional 360-degree vision. Hybrid propulsion and solar array packages are also available.

Jasper Smith, Arksen’s founder, said: “We didn’t want to be just another boatbuilder. We want to provide our owners with the opportunity for life-enhancing experiences to help foster a greater connection between humanity and the ocean. With a more sustainable approach in design, construction and operation of our vessels, we strive to be part of the important transition within the marine industry.”

Arksen 65 Tropical

In September, Arksen expanded its entourage with the Adventure Series, enabling the most fulfilling and thrilling close to home adventure with all the comforts you might find on a larger yacht.

The Adventure Series provides the perfect short getaways on the water. These vessels are effectively all-terrain vehicles on the outside, tough and robust, with beautiful tactile, soft-surface interiors. The vessels combine rugged seakeeping ability with elegant interior finishes. Our knowledgeable and adventurous clients like the finer things in life, but want a platform they can trust in less-than-ideal conditions. Whatever an owner’s activity itinerary might contain, he or she can pack all they need, arriving efficiently and comfortably.

Arksen 85 Bridge Deck Render

The Arksen 28 is one of the newest models in the Adventure Series. This vessel is an appealing day boat for those who want to be driven by their own schedule, not by the weather. The exceptional seakeeping aluminum deep-V hull makes for a safe and stable ride, and the 360-degree views from the salon and helm station provide panoramic views on the way to, and at anchor in an owner’s chosen destination.

The Arksen 30 is optimized for long weekend adventures, equipped to sleep four, but with the provision of up to six if an owner opts for the canvas sleep pod. It provides quality cooking facilities, and the ability to carry an abundance of gear.

Arksen 65 Scotland

All owners are given exclusive membership to the Explorers’ Club, which offers tailor-made expeditions and training to make the most of their vessel and explore the remotest corners of the world.

About Arksen

Arksen vessels are designed to be able to undertake multiple roles: cruising with families, adventuring with explorers, crewed charter, research, media production, access to wilderness for adventure sports, etc. The highly capable standard vessel can be customized, optimized for a specific use case or configured for maximum flexibility.

Arksen 30

Arksen is a founding partner of the Yachts for Science program, which matches scientists with vessels to conduct marine research and also founded 10% For The Ocean, which seeks to increase philanthropic donations to ocean-related causes.

Arksen believes that we all have a responsibility to help better understand and protect the oceans. It works to inspire more ocean positive activity both on and off the water. The Sea Time Pledge encourages owners of Arksen vessels to donate a portion of their vessels’ annual sea time to projects that Arksen supports. This pledge allows scientists, explorers, thought leaders, filmmakers, journalists, photographers, artists, and athletes access to a fleet of vessels to run their projects and realize their research goals.

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