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Sunseeker 155 (Virtual Tour)

Take a virtual tour of Sunseeker's flagship 155.
Sunseeker 155

Sunseeker 155

Sunseeker is one of those enduring English marques, such as Jaguar, Rolls-Royce or Bentley, which has gained more of an international than domestic following. One reason is the brand’s strong emphasis on ­advanced design, blending a subtle British sensibility with the bold strokes used by many of its Italian competitors. There is also the reputation for quality that its Poole-based shipyard has earned after putting thousands of hulls on the water over the last 40 years.

But Sunseeker’s real distinguishing trait is the level of customization injected into its elaborate series build approach. Other yards tend to personalize the yachts with décor, finishes or placement of the odd non-structural bulkhead, but Sunseeker usually consults with clients on the initial design, then drills deep into the DNA of each yacht to deliver as much of a custom product as possible.

In the following 360-degree virtual tour of Sunseeker’s flagship 155, you'll see for yourself how this trideck is the largest and most advanced yacht ever produced at Sunseeker.