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With the new SP110 model, the first open coupé in the history of Sanlorenzo, the company enters the world of sports yachts. The new model breaks from convention by combining a green awareness and unique comfort with unparalleled performance. SP110 was created by Zuccon International Project Studio (exterior lines) and Piero Lissoni (interiors), working under the supervision of Tilli Antonelli.

08 SANLORENZO_SP110_beach area

The first yacht in the SP (“Smart Performance”) range, the SP110 aims to guarantee high performance with maximum energy efficiency thanks to a fractional propulsion system consisting of three significantly smaller engines with an optimal power-to-weight ratio. The use of various weight-saving solutions, such as the use of lightweight materials, further optimizes consumption and performance.

02 SANLORENZO_SP110_profile

Fundamental to the realization of the SP110 is the hull design by Marco Arnaboldi, optimized for use with hydro-jet propulsion. And central to its sustainability: the boat is equipped with an energy recovery system that uses monocrystalline solar panels.

08 SANLORENZO_SP110_00_Salone_Maindeck_photo Erik Lefvander

The Zuccon International Project interpreted the exteriors by creating new stylistic features that strongly identify the new range, while maintaining continuity with Sanlorenzo’s tradition. The strong emotional character of this vessel is emphasized by its unusual shapes, its proportions, its aerodynamic lines, and by its livery, which departs from the shipyard’s more traditional colors to draw closer to the more characteristic colors of sports boats.

03 SANLORENZO_SP110_00_owner's cabin_lowerdeck_photo Erik Lefvander

The SP110 is a two-deck yacht that features an unprecedented layout consisting of large surfaces that can be used in a variety of ways, for an unequalled interior and exterior liveability on a yacht of this type. The interior spaces, designed by Piero Lissoni, are articulated on two floors that are not divided from each other, amounting to a “vertical loft,” which encourages and simplifies conviviality, and results in a decidedly unexpected layout.

04 SANLORENZO_SP110_00_Salone_lowerdeck_photo Erik Lefvander

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