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Amels and Damen have a record 25 projects underway. This spring, the two brands representing the yachting division of the Damen Shipyards Group in the Netherlands, can boast 16 yachting projects and nine additional hulls under construction.

With a full house at its main yard in Vlissingen, the company is expanding at its second facility, Vlissingen East, a few miles away. Part of the Damen Shipyards Group, the Vlissingen East yard has a dedicated 656-foot (200-meter) building hall for yacht projects as well as the largest covered dry dock in the Netherlands. At 705-feet (215 meters in length), the dock can easily accommodate the largest yacht in the world.


Spring deliveries

Spring deliveries completed so far at the builder’s two facilities in Vlissingen include refit projects Dytan and Ventum Maris, as well as new build Amels 180 Papa. Since departing the yard on 10 May, Papa journeyed to the Mediterranean to welcome her owner on board for the first time.

“Amels has performed outstandingly,” says Papa build Captain Paul Bessant. “We’re on time and on budget. In fact four weeks ahead of schedule and not only that but in my opinion beyond expectations.”

During the next few weeks, Amels and Damen will deliver five more new builds and three more refit projects.


“We’ve never been so busy,” explains Marketing Manager, Victor Caminada. “The superyacht-shaped inner harbor in front of the main yard plays testament to that. We recently had six superyachts lining the quayside with five more inside and another two refit projects at our Vlissingen East yard. That is almost 3,281 feet (1,000 meters) of superyachts and it doesn’t include the three yacht projects under construction at Damen Shipyards elsewhere in the Netherlands.”

Before Papa’s departure, Captain Bessant hosted a celebration party. “I had the opportunity to thank not only Amels but everybody who contributed to the yacht’s build and the delivery – from the painting team, to the teak, the metalwork, the interior teams. On the side of the building here it says The Art of Yacht Building, and I think from the experience here for both myself and my crew, they should make room for The Art of Teamwork and for The Art of Friendship, because I really believe they’ve mastered both.”

Watch Rose Damen flying over largest yacht building facility in the Netherlands