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Game on! 

Dutch builder Royal Huisman has announced the start of construction on its highly anticipated 266-foot (81-meter) new build project for an Asian client. The monster undertaking was unveiled by the joint team of Royal Huisman, Dykstra Naval Architects, designer Mark Whiteley and Bart Kimman of Northrop & Johnson Asia at the last year's Monaco Yacht Show.

RoyalHuisman400 keel_0178

Within a year, Royal Huisman completed the design phase, the construction planning and a large part of the engineering for the iconic yacht, working closely with the owner, his team and the architects. To accommodate the large build, Royal Huisman’s biggest shipbuilding hall was upgraded in preparation for the new project. As of now, the keel is laid and the building frame for the main deck is underway. 

Upgrade of the shipbuilding hall in Vollenhove

Upgrade of the shipbuilding hall in Vollenhove

A model of the record-breaking vessel will be on display at this year's Monaco Yacht Show.

Powerful and recognizable exterior design

The exterior design was penned by Dykstra Naval Architects and Mark Whiteley Design, incorporating the owner’s requirements: world cruising, fast yet comfortable and aesthetically iconic. The superstructure will feature a half-raised bridge for inside steering. The yacht’s flybridge offers full controls during sailing, with comfortable seating for guests wanting to be close to the action or to enjoy sunbathing. The sheltered main cockpit beneath the flybridge features a bar, sofas and a large table, perfect for post-sailing dinner at anchor.

RoyalHuisman400 mockup flybridge_0183c

She'll see a number of exciting new features, starting with a newly developed sliding Rondal door with individually operated moving glass panels, which provides a seamless transition from the cockpit to the interior, whereas the flybridge steering stations give access to the hydraulically operated crow’s nest for an exhilarating ride up the main mast with breathtaking views.

Various water sports gear such as water scooters, a large guest tender with dive equipment, kayaks and SUP boards will be stored under the aft deck. The deck itself comprises a number of clever features, such as the crew tender in front being recessed into a pocket, which can be used as a cockpit after launch. The design of the crew entrance on the foredeck mirrors the looks of the main deckhouse.

Performance combined with sea kindliness, stability and comfort

Dykstra Naval Architects has brought considerable expertise to the creation of a hull with a distinguishing hard chine and schooner rig that combines good performance with sea kindliness, stability and comfort. The carbon rig by Rondal for "clearing Panama Bridge" will be supported by carbon standing rigging. 

RoyalHuisman400byDykstraNavalArchitectsAndMarkWhiteleyDesign - side profile 01h

Thys Nikkels of Dykstra Naval Architects explained: “The plumb bow, very long waterline, sleek hull and large sail area will give the yacht the required high speed and good performance.” 

Towing tests, wind tunnel tests, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations and a Velocity Prediction Program are all undertaken to evaluate the sail balance, keel position and rudder angles when under sail.

RoyalHuisman400byDykstraNavalArchitectsAndMarkWhiteleyDesign -fwd 23hc

Modern interior

Mark Whiteley designed a modern interior to complement the exterior living spaces. The design is based on Alpi walnut bulkheads and oak floors. Alpi is a natural material that achieves high performance and eco sustainable quality. A very high comfort level for the owner, family and friends are very important considerations, but the yacht can also be used as a platform for business meetings. The forward part of the superstructure has been reserved for the owner and his guests, featuring a combined salon with comfortable seating and a large table with sixteen seats for formal dining.

RoyalHuisman400- Saloon view by MarkWhiteleyDesign

Utilizing the best proven experience

While the further optimization of the yacht remains ongoing, with 3D, 2D and physical 1:1 mock-ups to aid the design and decision-making process, more aluminum for the sub-assembly construction is being delivered to the Royal Huisman yard every day. 

Royal Huisman plans to deliver the project, now being referred to as "Contemporary Schooner Project 400," in 2020. 

RoyalHuisman400byDykstraNavalArchitectsAndMarkWhiteleyDesign - side profile 01hc

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