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Featuring a towering an astonishing 351ft ( 107m) air-draft rig, Apex 850, the 279-foot single-masted sailing yacht is a new collaboration between Royal Huisman and Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design. Stunning minimalism in every aspect of McKeon’s radical design serves to emphasize the grace and potential of this extraordinary ocean greyhound. Even the all-glass superstructure, encompassing some / 2150 sqft /200 sqm of guest cockpit and a luxurious saloon, scarcely seems to be there - an understated, almost ethereal presence. APEX 850 is fully resolved in terms of design, naval architecture and engineering.


Malcolm McKeon comments: The sailing experience of APEX 850 will be sensational, with speeds in excess of wind speed in most conditions. Her retractable keel, optimized weight distribution and limited heel angle will provide stability, comfort and safety for all on board. Her twin high aspect rudders will provide a rapid response to her fly by wire helm.

Royal Huisman CEO Jan Timmerman adds: Two of the world’s ten largest sailing yachts, ATHENA and SEA EAGLE II, are Royal Huisman builds and APEX 850 would make a fitting third, easily becoming the largest member of this elite circle. Every Royal Huisman yacht benefits from the research, innovations and challenges of our previous builds, ensuring this would be the finest yet.”

You and into a beautifully appointed lobby. Stairs upwards connect to the saloon and its all-glass superstructure, with suffused light. You follow steps down to the guest corridor and find the four guest that can accommodate up to twelve guests in incomparable luxury. Beautifully appointed, the staterooms are highly adaptable, offering twin or double formats and Pullman berths for families.


Owners’ apartment

Further aft resides APEX’s Owners’ area, including a private beach club / cinema. encompassed by a private lounge, giant TV screen, sauna, walk-in wardrobe and spacious, beautifully-designed bathroom facilities.

Minimal, chic, AND COMFORTABLE

The deck is the height of minimalist chic. Without winches, furlers, mooring cleats, anchor gear or other deck equipment in sight (all are sited or retracted below deck) your focus is the epic height of the rig and by the shimmering hint of the all-glass superstructure.

This superstructure houses a pivotal social area yet, from on deck, you would not know it. Nor are you meant to. Continuous clear glass sides provide a virtually see-through exterior, while also acting as a principal, yet invisible, structural component. The ‘white glass’ employed is devoid of reflections. The overall effect is almost ethereal – a ‘there but not there’ trompe l’oeil that questions the presence of the superstructure and so adds emphasis to the lean, spare lines and reverse bow of the powerful hull.


Stepping down beneath the aft canopy of the superstructure, you enter the extensive main cockpit area, complete with loungers and an impressive alfresco dining space.

Going forward, through full-beam access, the saloon is focused on tranquil and sheltered relaxation. To starboard, stairs provide a direct connection to the guest accommodation and to port there is a nav. station. The entire 200 m/ 2150 ft area is on a single level, enjoying dramatic 360 degree views and a stunning sense of connection with the sea.

Sliding glass windows allow the cockpit to be totally enclosed from the weather while retaining that omnipresent view to the world outside. At anchor, even the double glass doors drop out of sight into hidden cassettes, allowing the superstructure to become the social hub for a vast party setting that spreads out over uninterrupted deck spaces running from stem to stern.

Just ahead of the mast, the forward guest cockpit is strategically sited to focus on the spectacle provided by the horizon and the yacht’s fast motion towards it. Instead of focusing on the yacht itself, this intensifies the viewer’s response to the surrounding sea and landscape. A snug and secure gathering space, it is sheltered by a Moroccan tent when the yacht is at anchor.


Immediately beneath the forward main deck are two large (26 ft/8m) tenders, a launching crane and other storage for equipment.

Below that (and on the same level as the guest quarters) are the crew quarters with mess, galley, storage and utilities. There is even space for relaxation and study. The brightly-lit, spacious area accommodates 14 crew in a flexible mix of double, twin and single cabins.

There’s also a wine cave, a humidor for cigars, a private kitchenette in the Owners’ suite and a guest lobby with its own utilities. There’s a full-beam lazarette housing a day head, storage for diving equipment and toys, and access to the boarding / swim platforms, and more.


The APEX 850’s aluminum hull is immensely strong and resilient – lighter than steel, quieter than carbon and virtually corrosion-free. The powerful hull sections are complemented by twin carbon rudders and a retractable keel for balance and stability as well as access to shallower harbors. Submarine anchors retract to fit perfectly into the contours of the hull.


The clear choice when only the finest will do

The creation of the rig and sailing systems for a mega yacht of the power and scale of APEX 850 calls for the very highest level of expertise, innovation and experience. Rondal – sister company to Royal Huisman – is by far the world’s most experienced and innovative composite mast and rig builder for sailing superyachts. With over 30 years’ design and build evolution, Rondal is the go-to provider of composite masts, booms and rigs for the world’s largest and most sophisticated sailing superyachts. Rondal has brought together a formidable team of experts from across the disciplines (within its own team and among industry partners) who work efficiently and knowledgeably together to develop the most advanced solutions, whatever the challenge.


Integrated Sail Handling Systems

With its broad range of expertise, it is natural that Rondal became an early developer of complete rig packages. These interface spars, rigging, winches and sailing hardware in a configuration expressly designed for each project. The benefits include ease of sail management, optimal ergonomics for efficiency and safety, plus, of course, the durability and reliability for which Rondal is renowned. The package also benefits from a strong emphasis on aesthetics, with the styling and execution of every detail in harmony with that of the yacht’s overall theme – an important factor on a project as style-conscious as APEX 850.

Leading-edge diesel / electric propulsion and energy generation / management technologies are deployed to optimize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Propulsion is via twin propellers, capable of generating energy under sail as well as drawing upon it under motor. Ship’s energy demands are met by load-following generators and advanced battery bank reserves, all managed through a Smart energy management system optimizing fuel efficiency while reliably meeting diverse loads from sailing and hotel systems. Stored energy is capable of meeting hotel services in Silent Mode overnight, substantially mitigating noise and exhaust pollution in pristine anchorages. The battery banks can also hoist sails for a silent departure.



APEX 850 - The world’s largest sloop

Length overall: 279ft/ 85m

Length waterline: 259ft/ 79m

Beam: 49ft/ 15 m

Draft: 28 ft - 16 ft /8.5 m - 5.0 m /

Owners / guests accommodation: 10 - 12 in 5 suites

Crew accommodation: 14 in 10 cabins

Naval architecture: Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design

Interior: Owners’ preference

Builder: Royal Huisman

Construction: Aluminum

Classification: Lloyd’s + REG Large Yacht Code

Rig and sail handling: Carbon mast, boom, rigging and integrated sailing system by Rondal

Sail area: 34,444 sqft /3200 sqm / (upwind) - 50,590 sqft / 4700 sqm/ (downwind)

Air draft: 107m / 351ft