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Quantum Marine Stabilizers has finalized the contract on a new XT™ stabilizer system for the largest recreational motoryacht ever built in Canada, the 164-foot (50m)– Danzante Bay at Crescent Custom Yachts. The composite vessel is currently scheduled to launch in 2021 and will be fully equipped for maximum comfort with both Zero Speed™ and underway stabilization.

The hydraulic system powering the stabilizers is composed of one QP2020 Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) with two 20hp pump motor assemblies and an XT™ HPU, designed to maintain constant pressure through pressurized gas charged accumulators. The 3.0m² fin expands to 3.9m² when extended for zero speed operation and then retracts, with less drag, for underway operation.

The entire system operates through the controls or the “brains,” of the SMC4000, Quantum’s most advanced control unit on the market. This digital, touch screen control, directs the movement, positioning and speed of the fins to maximize roll reduction. The QC1500HD Hull Units, located at the turn of the bilge with cylinders, and shaft running through the hull, interface between the controls, hydraulics and fins, optimizing every movement for superb performance.

John Allen, President & CEO of Quantum states, “It is an honor to have our most popular system, the XT™ Fin, going on DANZANTE BAY, the largest motor yacht in Canadian history!”