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During the Monaco Yacht Show, on board the iconic sailing yacht Maltese Falcon, Perini Navi, Dykstra Naval Architects, and Magma Structures announced the establishment of a Joint Venture named “Falcon Rig”.

The mission of the partners is for the three companies to work together to design, build and deliver the new generation of Falcon Rigs for all designers, builders, and owners— the global sailing yacht world. 

The Joint Venture will cement the knowledge of the three partners, honed from the development and decade-long in-service experience. The simple, efficient and elegant Falcon Rig masts will utilize the latest state -of -the- art materials and production techniques to enhance the easy to handle and safe operation of Dyna Rigs uncluttered by stays, without compromising performance.

Dyna rigged yachts have already demonstrated their exceptionally environmental friendly credentials, as they lower the threshold to employ sails as propulsion— even for short hops from bay to bay, resulting in an unprecedented potential to save fuel.

Burak Akgül, Chief Business Development Officer of Perini Navi commented “When Tom Perkins chose the Dyna Rig to dress his third Perini Navi sailing yacht, the breakthrough was clear to all that – on the very first time in June 2006 when the Maltese Falcon sailed effortlessly and as designed – Perini Navi and his partners had consolidated a watershed technology. Today we are pooling our technological prowess in this new venture to expand the Falcon Rig Fleet – first launched by our shipyard— encouraging prospective superyacht owners to indulge their passion for sailing and the sea in this extraordinary manner.”


“Our passion for sailing innovation has led us to be involved with some of the most exciting sailing yachts afloat -declared Thys Nikkels, Managing Director of Dykstra Naval Architects. “Bringing our expertise to the new Falcon Rig collaboration, we hope to pave the way for sailing yachts to be sailed easier, more often and safer. We wish to inspire a new generation of superyacht owners”.

“Having been pioneers in the area of freestanding balanced rotating rigs, Magma Structures are delighted to be part of a team that will push forward the Dyna Rig technology to new levels of performance and elegance – said Damon Roberts, Technical Director of Magma Structures. This collaboration will make sailing on mega yachts to come even more enjoyable.”