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PEBBLE— A new 140-meter yacht concept by Netherlands -based Van Geest Design takes its inspiration the pebbles we might collect from a beach or a riverbed.


“Most holidays are by the sea shore and as a ritual, during walks we find ourselves looking at the horizon and picking up pebbles & shells from the beach, says designer Pieter Van Geest. “Occasionally there is this one pebble with lines and smooth surfaces to which we connect and we slip it into our pocket— we look at it again another time, touch it, play with it…”


Definition of a pebble: ‘A stone made smooth and round by the action of water or sand.’

The Van Geest ‘PEBBLE’ was designed with the idea that it was sculpted by nature over decades. “It seamlessly fits in its ocean environment—water and the wind defines its shapes,” says Pieter Van Geest. “PEBBLE is the escape from our city landscapes, sky scrapers and mainly cubism shapes we encounter in daily life. PEBBLE encapsulates you in an atmosphere of lightness, a smooth elegant presence in its surroundings. Inaccessible with a closed transom, one can only board in by invitation. It is an ultimate retreat made by its large fore and aft overhangs providing maximum privacy.”