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Tucked away in Cork, Ireland, you will find the eco-friendly fashion company, OCEANR. Founded in 2016 by water sports obsessive and keen environmentalist, Tom Cotter, at the age of 26, OCEANR has been causing a quiet revolution in sustainable fashion since its inception, designing high-end apparel for luxury resorts and superyachts all around the world.


Partnering with global brands to help them achieve their sustainability objectives, OCEANR combines high-end style and substance in a truly unique way: by removing 1kg of ocean waste through every product purchased.

Founder Tom Cotter explains: “We work with a number of non-profits in our production process. These organizations collect plastic and fishing nets, which are then sorted, shredded, liquidated and eventually transformed into pellets. The pellets are then melted down, turned into yarn and spun into fabric. This is where we get involved – we work with a company called Ocean Balance which has 18 fabrics in its collection that we then use to make our high-end products.


For Cotter and the rest of the OCEANR team— split between the head office in Cork and the production site in Latvia— it is vital that sustainability runs through the veins of everything OCEANR does. As just one example, OCEANR participates in the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative, offsetting carbon emissions by planting trees, with an aim to replant 1,000 trees each year, and also recently took part in a beach cleanup to remove ocean plastic waste in Kefalonia, Greece.

Cotter explains more: “As a company, we also love working with non-profits, so we always give any non-profit a 25% discount if they ever need gear. OCEANR will often get involved in coastal community initiatives around the world, such as trying to save turtles or educate school kids, and we will donate products to help them out.”


Word about OCEANR is spreading, with the company teaming up with such prestigious names as Richard Branson’s Necker Island, the Ritz Carlton, and the Four Seasons – as well as with numerous superyachts including motor yachts Legend, Infinity, Scott Free, Nirvana and sailing yacht Endeavour.

When it comes to creating sustainable, high-quality and high-end fashion, as far as OCEANR sees it, there is no need to compromise.


OCEANR highly skilled and creative design team is able to customize a rage of high quality, sustainable products (T-Shirts, Rash Vests, Swimwear, Shorts and Sweatshirts for Women and Men) and apparel with designers.

  • High-quality eco-friendly apparel
  • Designed in Ireland, made in Europe
  • Sustainable production process and carbon offsetting
  • Involved in coastal community initiatives including recent plastic waste beach cleanup in Kefalonia, Greece
  • Global high-profile partners include Richard Branson’s Necker Island
  • Tailored to high-end resorts and superyachts