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Oceanco & Van Geest present Moonstone

Moonstone is a new 90-meter design in collaboration with Van Geest Design and Temeloy. Moonstone has a groundbreaking hull design with its faceted illuminated panels. The yacht can change it’s appearance wherever and whenever she wants.

Moonstone is a new 90-meter design in collaboration with Van Geest Design and Temeloy. Moonstone has a groundbreaking hull design with its faceted illuminated panels. The yacht can change it’s appearance wherever and whenever she wants.

The designer gave more details to SuperyachtDesign in the following interview:

UAE, Mina Seyahi Marina. Dutch shipyard Oceanco has unveiled a PYC-compliant 90m concept called Moonstone at the 2016 Dubai Boat Show. Conceived by Van Geest Design, the sleek looking motoryacht includes a number of eye-catching features, not least the cutting-edge lighting system applied to the hull by Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design. Principal designer Pieter Van Geest talks us through the thinking behind the design in an exclusive interview.

Moonstone came into being after Oceanco invited us to design a concept for them. The inspiration for the design came from nature and the experience you have when you look at the sea — its continuous movement and play with the sky and sun light. We wanted the yacht to be a part of, and to interact with its surroundings, as yachts and ships rarely look like they belong in their environment. They break the horizon and sometimes even spoil the landscape, and so our goal was to design something that can belong in and enhance its surroundings.


The challenge was not to create something different, but something unique in its philosophy and execution. In yacht design there are only so many things you can play with. Certain parts of the boat are mainly functional and are therefore never really addressed. Take the hull for instance, we find this area offers a lot of potential and our aim was to do something with that surface right from the beginning, and to make it play with its surroundings. Our solution to create the playfulness we were looking for was to include a large collection of triangular facets framed in a smooth hull. By detailing other facetted features in the general exterior design we created contrast between the smooth and facetted surfaces while maintaining a pure and uncluttered design.

We wanted to see how lighting could be integrated within the whole design and approached Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design at a very early stage. Our close partnership resulted in an evolving project featuring a yacht that has the ability to anticipate the different moments of the day. By day the natural elements (light and water) play with the boat, unifying it with its surroundings. By night it is the reverse with the boat engaging and playing with the surroundings. In both cases the natural elements enhance the yacht it makes you feel like you are part of nature again. It adapts to its environment.


Moonstone has been designed and engineered on Oceanco’s 90m platform with a general arrangement designed to give infinite flexibility. Other features include an entire owner’s deck, a gym and spa area, a cinema and a touch-and-go helicopter pad. The hull light-panels have been designed to be self-sufficient with the use of 70sqm standard solar panels on top of the superstructure. A day of sunlight could potentially allow the dimming and illumination of the light panels to run for an estimated three hours.

The plumb bow has an integrated mooring and anchoring bay that helps keep the bow area uncluttered, while the sky deck lounge offers 360-degree panoramic views. Unfolding navigation wings are designed to increase visibility, as the stations spread out laterally like wings suspended in mid-air. Side platforms forward give access to water toys and rescue tenders, while aft side platforms allow access to two main guest tenders and an outdoor lounge play area.


The hull side facets are realized with the use of custom hull panel-lights triggered by 300 individually dimmable white triangles per hull side to create unlimited lighting possibilities. At night, these lights generate a shimmering twinkling effect. The lighting technologies used are all proven technologies and patented in their way of use. The lighting panels have been developed to comply with shock and impact resistance, IP rating, sea water and aging, rigorous cleaning and yacht use.

A yacht is not just a yacht anymore – it is an experience, an experience that is always surprising and ever changing. This boat has the ability to change its appearance wherever and whenever she wants, which is unique and something never seen before.