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New Pershing Power

Triple engines and gas turbine power new units


After introducing the new Pershing 92 at the Genoa Show last fall, Pershing launched Hull No. 1 of the Fulvio de Simoni-designed Pershing 108 (32.9m) at its facility in Fano, Italy. As is customary, the designer worked closely with Ferretti’s Advanced Yacht Technology engineering group and Centro Stile. The pearly white-hulled yacht (a new Pershing hull color) features four staterooms and three cabins for crew. It is also flexible. With triple 2,600-hp MTU engines, it can go an impressive 40.5 knots (speed is still a hallmark of the Pershing brand), but using just one engine and cruising at 11 knots, the yacht has a 1,070-nm range. Also recently launched is Hull No. 9 of the Pershing 115 (35m of raw power). The combined power of a Vericor TF50 gas turbine (capable of more than 5,100 hp when used with central water-jet propeller propulsion) and twin diesel MTUs (7,400 hp together) gives this hull an incredible top speed of about 52 knots Meanwhile, in the United States, Pershing recently showed two of its newly built and sold 80' models. See our debut article in this issue.

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