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Maxi Dolphin Splashes FC3 100

Designed by French naval architects Finot-Conq and derived from their experience in offshore racing boats, the 100-foot (30-meter) FC3 is Maxi Dolphin’s latest splash in the luxury sailing market. The full-carbon build was designed for an owner who, after an extensive search, contracted the Italian company to build a light, stylish and comfortable sailing vessel. The design boasts a 151-foot (46-meter) mast and 7,427 square feet (690 square meters) of sail area. A 15-ton lifting keel reduces draft from 18 feet to 9 feet to permit shallow-water passage. Her roomy interior offers an attitude of simplicity. The décor and furnishings by Pierre Frutschi Architecture and Design are modern and minimalist, with white matte upholstery and ceilings contrasting with glossy black carbon fiber structural elements.


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