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MY Alfa, a 230ft/ 70m yacht with all the features of an 262ft+/80m+ yacht is classically elegant with some strong masculine exterior lines and features. She sports modern straight bow and was built on a proven platform by Benetti with a very specific layout following the Owner’s requests.


With this fully custom new build the LUXURY PROJECTS (LP) team worked closely with the Owner, creating photorealistic renderings in order to define every detail from the beginning of the concept phase.

“Ceilings have innovative shapes and lighting has a center role in the whole project” says Laura Pomponi, CEO and Founder of LUXURY PROJECTS. “The Client specifically instructed us that the design and actual execution needed to be absolutely faithful”.


The yacht features 6 guests staterooms & bathrooms on the Lower Deck, of which two are twin cabins convertible to double for a total of 12 Guests plus the Owners suite on their dedicated deck. The main deck salon can accommodate 14 persons, the total number of guests on board. In order to connect the aft and forward seating LP created a transition entrance space with rotatable seats that can face both seating areas. A separate full beam dining room for all guests was designed with a balcony opening on the starboard side.

For top service and low interference of the operation the galley and pantry were given their own separate service entrance to the dining and main deck lounge. The butler and personal bodyguard have a room on this deck as well and use the same entrance. For further comfort there is a day-head close to the dining room. For the most efficient service the LP team created separate crew entrance to all areas.


The Owner’s Deck has an Owner’s Suite, which includes a separate bathroom with adjacent dressing room. Amidships is the Owner’s Office and aft of the entrance Lobby, a TV Lounge / Home Theater, a private Gym with Massage room.

On the Lower Deck, the Beach Club is internally and externally connected with the aft platform. The outdoor transom pool can be regulated to the level of the bottom of the pool which can be then flash with the deck so that it can be used as a disco floor or sunbathing area during the day with loose sunbeds or armchairs.

MY Alfa Benetti 70 mt credits Leonardo Andreoni 3

LUXURY PROJECTS has a professional light design team in house. From the beginning they studied the lighting features of the project and determined how to enhance the colors and finishes of all materials by correctly lighting them. For further enhancement of the warm cozy interior feeling they completely moved away from the use of spotlights and except for some places where timely direct lighting is necessary and desired, such as the enhancement of works of art in specific place, otherwise only indirect lighting is used.

“Our Client also being an Art lover requested that LP design a whole series of recesses, displays, illuminated niches to suit his preferences,” points out Laura Pomponi. “Throughout the yacht we created spaces for display of ART, sculptures and paintings. Part of our whole lighting project are also the custom-made decorative lamps we designed from scratch with special finishes”.

MY Alfa Benetti 70 mt credits Leonardo Andreoni 5

The decorative lights were created with forethought where the cables have no visible wiring, all is perfectly integrated in the furniture. This was possible thanks to a preliminary study of the final position in the layout, parallel to the development of their design concepts. Everything is connected to a home automation system and can be remote controlled for a complete holistic design.

MY Alfa Benetti 70 mt credits Leonardo Andreoni 4

The Owners are quite tall and have specifically requested to establish the minimum height of the rooms and where possible, make the most of the allowances by the metal construction of the yacht, this has resulted in an Owner's Cabin dome height of 8ft/2420mm as well as a Beach Club finished ceiling height of 7ft/2112mm. Following the design brief not to see any AC grids or slots for intake or exhaust of circulation air, LP team managed to have that all AC grids and recirculation inlets hidden, both in the ceiling and in vertical partitioning of the wall panels and completely integrated with the fixed furniture of every room, as well to guarantee an perfect holistic design approach.

MY Alfa Benetti 70 mt credits Leonardo Andreoni 1

For the “I’m at home” feeling LUXURY PROJECTS needed to invent other ways to enrich the design of the flooring and create some “movement.” Decorative floor motifs with materials such as marble, wood, carpet, leather created “chevron” patterns and lines that gave movement throughout the yacht. To fulfill the Client’s wish to have a warm and calm interior but also light and modern, LP needed to work with natural colors and materials, no shiny or glittery stuff, no patterns.

MY Alfa Benetti 70 mt credits Leonardo Andreoni 2

A number of special and innovative materials were used on details to create the element of surprise. In collaboration with Italian Artisans and after several tests, samples boards and mock-ups were created of finishes in “Liquid Metal” in bronze, a resin in pearl white with a 3D effect and aFlexible Stone Veneer” from a real natural stone. Flexible Stone Veneer is a revolutionary product that lets you have a stone wall made out of real natural stone on a polymer composite back, these Natural Stone Veneer are ultra- light yet strong and flexible. Flexible Stone Veneer is a real stone product that is bendable and foldable. It can be cut with scissors, applied with a non-toxic adhesive and trimmed with ordinary woodworking tools. The unbelievable benefit of using flexi-stone veneer is that its flexibility is allowing installing the product on curved surfaces such as round columns and wall.


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