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Lateral Naval Architects and Engineering, based in Southampton, UK, recently celebrated its first birthday.

This short movie captures some of the highlights from their 22 projects across 1,237 feet /377 meters of new builds and refits, 7 shipyards, 5 design collaborations, and 53 engagements in 10 countries.


With their in house team of 55 people, Lateral works in collaboration with a broad range of project teams from a diverse spectrum of shipyards, design studios, brokerage, management, engineering companies, research and test facilities and other naval architects.


They don’t like to be stereotyped as simply engineering nerds. They pride themselves on innovation and creativity. Their modus operandi is “ask new questions.” Their logo is the nine- dot puzzle— a classic lateral thinking exercise that gained widespread popularity in the 1970's and 80's. In order to solve the puzzle, participants are presented with a set of dots arranged in a 3x3 grid and challenged to connect all nine dots, without lifting their pencil from the paper, using the fewest possible number of straight lines. Clearly the solution is to think outside the box.

Lateral Naval Architects at 365 days