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The team of Royal Huisman has officially delivered PHI. Her innovative exterior lighting, powered by lasers, marks the stunning features of what is the world’s longest motoryacht - by far - in the sub-500 GT category.

Engineering and building PHI’s sleek, low hull and superstructure profile appeared well outside the comfort zone for some yards. But Royal Huisman had already delivered over thirty low-profile award- winning sailing superyachts, so was not intimidated by the prospect of fitting the required complex motoryacht systems and technology into the streamlined envelope of this yacht.


PHI’s innovative exterior lights – powered by lasers – were jointly  developed for PHI by Royal Huisman and Apart from being a magnificent feature that will create great interest wherever PHI chooses to display it, the system throws practical benefits into the mix, as well. It leaves no unsightly gaps (as do the more common LEDs, which are more prone to failure, also) and is maintenance friendly. Exterior laser lighting is set to be the next trend in lighting and is part of the wide range of innovations available to Royal Huisman clients.


The delivery of PHI marks the beginning of a great adventure for her owner, family, friends and crew – and of the shipyard’s new role as a provider of services, assisting the crew as they continue to familiarize themselves with this unique motoryacht. Jan Timmerman, CEO of Royal Huisman, says: “The delivery is a moment of great pride for our team. It is also bittersweet, having to say farewell to PHI, as her creation has been part of our daily lives for several years. At the same time, we know that PHI and her shadow vessel will conquer the oceans. We wish PHI’s owner and everyone onboard fair winds, following seas and a great experience – as enjoyed onboard every Royal Huisman superyacht.”