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Lürssen revealed that they will be displaying the latest delivery from the yard at the Monaco Yacht Show this year. Project 13800 will be delivered during this summer and will have her world debut at the show.

UK studio, Bannenberg & Rowell, designed Project 13800’s very distinctive exterior lines as well her extremely colorful interior design replete with wide-ranging textures and museum quality interior furniture pieces. The yacht was designed with extreme attention to detail— not only in the interior spaces— but also in the technical areas. The owners are experienced yachtsmen who had a clear idea of their needs for their lifestyle.


Lürssen is known for building the largest yachts in the world but, what is lesser know is that the company is also actively targeting projects in the 180 - 246-foot (55 to 75 meter) range. Project 13800 is a first step in reestablishing the brand for yachts in that size bracket as well.

Sales director Michael Breman comments, “We are hopeful that the revamped show concept of the Monaco Yacht Show will be a success and that we will have the opportunity to engage with many new build customers.”