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Kingship Takes The Next Step Toward “Green”

Green Voyager construction begins under favorable auspices


A little more than two years ago, Kingship partnered with Axis Group Yacht Design and Big Blue Consulting to ensure that its revolutionary project, the 144-foot Green Voyager, surpassed even RINA’s highest level of standards. In the spring, Kingship celebrated the keel laying, the first step in ship construction. Within two years time—delivery is expected in 2013—the Green Voyager will carry an eco-passport that will allow her to cruise some of the world’s most protected waters without her owners having to worry about damaging environmentally sensitive areas. How? The multi-prong approach includes a plumb bow to reduce resistance, a true hybrid propulsion system, solar panels, heat-recovery calorifiers, heat-reflective glass, high-efficiency insulation, a zero-sewage-water discharge system, and bio lubricants and fuels. And Kingship’s Green Voyager manages all of this without compromising the lifestyle guests would expect on a yacht of this caliber. The interior is spacious and filled with natural light, and the designers made full use of the available deck space to ensure that passengers enjoy the best of both worlds. Recently, Viareggio-based Axis Group, opened a representation office in Shangai.

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