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What's been happening in the industry lately? An art exhibit featuring yachts by CRN and Riva, Silver Arrow's work with the next generation of model makers, and the chance to see the world onboard the 228-foot Sherakhan.
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Art on the Water: Christian Jankowski collaborates with CRN and Riva in Warsaw

Christian Jankowski and Luca Boldrini

Christian Jankowski and Luca Boldrini

Many yacht owners already recognize their vessels as works of art, but it isn’t common to see them exhibited as such. This year, they will be. Berlin-based artist Christian Jankowski will include a 68-meter CRN yacht, as well as an Aquariva Cento that is available as a tender for the larger yacht. Both vessels were designed by Officina Italiana Design. The exhibit, called Heavyweight History, will be held at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, through August 25. Curated by Ewa Gorzadek, “The Finest Art on Water” will be part of the artist’s presentation of his most important works created between 1992 and 2012.“The yacht is the perfect sculpture, a perfect self-contained vessel of information,” says Jankowski. “When you see the yachts lined up at Venice it is an exhibition in itself.”

“This project with Christian Jankowski allows us to work in an environment which transcends a yacht from an object to a piece of art,” says Luca Boldrini, CRN sales and marketing director. CRN also celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Silver Arrows Marine’s Granturismo Concept

A concept developed by Silver Arrows Marine (SAM) and Mercedes-Benz Style has just become the first yacht to be used as a training project by the trainee model makers at CEMI, the Centre of Industrial Modelling. In the past, cars, motorcycles and even Egyptian chariots have been used as training projects by CEMI, but never a boat. Founded in 1998 in Savigliano, Italy, and backed by people such as Giorgetto Giugiaro, CEMI aims to create the next generation of model makers, a specialty in demand by automotive and yacht builders and design firms. Thus far, it is the only school of it’s kind in the world. It collaborates with companies such as Ferrari, Italdesign, Mercedes-Benz, Ducati, Pininfarina and Bertone.


“We have loved working with CEMI because it reinforces the links between luxury car and boat that are at the heart of the SAM project,” says SAM Communications Director Paolo Bonaveri.

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See the world on Sherakhan

Most charter yachts have a homeport or bounce between two or three favored destinations every year. Every so often, though, a yacht breaks away from the well-traveled charter routes and sets out for distant lands.. That is what the stately 228-foot (69.65-meter) MY Sherakhan will be doing in 2014. Her route covers Antarctica, Seychelles, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and more—over 38,000 miles from start to finish with multiple options for charter available.


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