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Henderson, Hanes & Associates Opens Doors

Henderson & Associates merges with Sea3 Systems

Groundbreaking Miami-based Ocean Engineering/ Naval Architecture Firm Brings Innovation to the Superyacht Community

The Miami-based ocean engineering and naval architecture firm of Henderson & Associates, Inc. has merged with Sea3 Systems, Inc. to form Henderson, Hanes & Associates, a full-service engineering firm that—according to a spokesman for the firm—brings a groundbreaking, holistic approach to underwater intervention and project management services to the marine industry worldwide.

The new firm, headed by Shawn Henderson, P.E. and Dan Hanes, P.E., both of South Florida, draws on the deep experience base of its founders and specializes in quick turnaround refit and repair projects that may span multiple technical disciplines and trades.

Shawn Henderson, P.E., a former Navy Diver who served active duty during the Gulf War and with over 20 years of underwater experience, has spearheaded complex, multi-faceted industrial projects around the country. In January 2014, he served as Dive Superintendent on a 5-year overhaul of an ABS classed semi-submersible drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico oil field. Dan Hanes, P.E., a graduate of Duke University, also has extensive offshore oil and gas experience as well as a unique electrical and computer systems background that includes high-level work with private firms including Motorola and PPG Chemicals. Dan managed his own engineering business for over 20 years while creating technical solutions for superyachts, offshore oil, and government agencies including the U.S. Navy.

According to Henderson, “Dan and I see a tremendous demand for the expertise and skill set our entire team brings to the table. Our capabilities with electrical systems, underwater intervention, naval architecture and structural engineering combined with over 100 years of underwater experience mean that clients are guaranteed a complete suite of services for almost any marine project imaginable. This is an exciting time for our firm and we look forward to what the future holds.”