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Starting in February, 2021, on the Chinese New Year, it will be the Year of the Ox, an animal which has a special resonance both for Heesen Yachts and for its home town of Oss, which is Dutch for ‘ox.’ There is a monumental modern steel sculpture of an ox at the entrance to the city.


“The ox is a symbol of hard work and dependability, and these are just some of the traits that characterize our 500 employees and our additional, 500-strong flexible workforce, says Sara Gioanola, Heesen Press Office Manager. “Thanks to the resilience, commitment and passion of Heesen’s women and men, who adapted to new ways of working imposed by the pandemic, we have emerged from 2020 stronger and better.”

Also, according to the five elements of the Chinese zodiac, which come around just once every 60 years, the ox of 2021 is not just any ox but a gold one - so perhaps one can look forward to an especially auspicious year. facing the future with confidence, and ready to take on new challenges.


This year Heesen will deliver six superyachts, with a total length of 1,033 feet (315 meters) and a combined volume of 3,816 Gross Tons.

In their order book they have 14 yachts currently under construction, with deliveries taking them through 2024. These include both semi-custom and full-custom yachts, from 164-feet to 264 feet (50 to 80 meters) in length.



The launch of YN 18950 Project Aquamarine, the first in the new 5000 Aluminum Class, will mark the start of a busy year.

The 196-foot (60-meter) Project SkyFall and 220-foot (67-meter) Project Sparta are taking shape, and their hulls and superstructures will be joined in August and October.

Heesen Shipyard

Heesen Shipyard

In November, Heesen will celebrate the launch of the 263-foot (80-meter) Project Cosmos, whose exterior lines are by Winch Design, with interior by Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design.

  • Five yachts sold in 2020
  • Six yachts to be delivered in 2021
  • 14 yachts under construction
  • Deliveries scheduled through 2024