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When Capt. Bill Pike took a virtual-reality tour of the coming Hatteras 90 Motoryacht at the last Yachts Miami Beach show, he found plenty of show-stopping details, including fold-out balconies and a flexible layout ripe for customization.

At the Yachts Miami Beach Show, I took a tour of the new (and scheduled to launch later this summer) Hatteras 90 Motor Yacht—what a trip! While more or less holding station in physical space, I checked out the whole whopping layout, from stem to stern, thanks to a set of Virtual Reality goggles, two video-game-type controllers, and a few friendly Hatteras employees who kept me from walking into very real walls. Let me hit you with some pertinent details. For starters, the 90’s broken-sheer profile hews closely to those of the two sisterships already inhabiting the Hatteras big-boat line, the 70 Motor Yacht and the 100 Raised Pilothouse. Then, too, she offers an exceptional array of customizable features, given the straightforwardness of her four-stateroom-four-head envelope—everything from galley location on the main deck (forward or amidships) to an option that installs fold-down balconies in the bulwarks. And finally, says Hatteras, she’ll boast some impressive engineering attributes, like a powerful 45-horsepower hydraulic bow thruster, double-bottom integrated fuel tanks, and (at 40 kilowatts each) two equally sized gensets. And oh, the VR tour? Lemme tell ya—this baby’s gonna be bright, contemporary, and elegant. I know because, virtually speaking, I’ve been there.

Hatteras 90 virtual

A virtual reality rendering of the Hatteras 90 Motoryacht

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