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Green Sailing in Blue Water—Southern Wind Shipyard’s new 108 features a diesel-electric hybrid solution

Sustainability is top priority at SWS. As a builder of yachts designed for long-range performance cruising with a high level of autonomy, it has been important for SWS to develop a solution that is both environmentally friendly and dependable. This approach is driven by adopting well-tested technology that has proven to be safe and reliable with worldwide serviceability.

Energy efficient and environmentally conscious, the SW108 Diesel Electric Hybrid propulsion system is designed to be compliant with the most stringent environmental rules (IMO Tier III) and is designed in collaboration with a globally recognized partner leading in the world’s most advanced, technology-led defense and aerospace hybrid solutions.

The SWS Diesel-Electric Hybrid System is based on a combination of two highly efficient generators with a high voltage battery bank and electric propulsion motor. This system allows for a more efficient consumption of fossil fuels while achieving a lower level of harmful emissions.


The system may be operated on three modes:

SILENT MODE: ZERO EMISSIONS / ZERO NOISE – taking power from the battery bank for maneuvering operations such as anchoring, movements in harbor and pilotage.

DIESEL-ELECTRIC HYBRID MODE - when motoring, allowing for a lower consumption of fuel and the ability to optimize the engine performance. This mode recharges the battery bank while under way.

SAILING MODE-HYDROGENERATION – power is generated by using the propeller as a hydro generator while sailing. Optional adjustable pitch propeller balances the power generation with consideration to the drag coefficient to ensure optimal boat speed and exhilarating sailing.

This project shares the DNA of her 37 predecessors over 90ft – reliable ocean-going performance yachts.