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GALLERY | Benetti 11.11

See how the owner of Benetti's 11.11 raised the bar for superyacht interior design.

A perspicacious buyer, he took over the build in 2014 when it was about 40 percent complete, thus saving a lot of time on the engineering and mechanical fronts. Enamored of the bluff bow for aesthetic reasons, he also liked that the configuration reduces the upward push of wave action and allows for more stable cruising. Plus, the yacht’s wide beam delivers a lot of living space and further enhances stability. Another check in the plus column is that 11.11 is a quiet boat. The yacht has advanced sound and vibration insulation technology. For example, her soles, bulkheads and overheads are floating.

The original interior décor and exterior deck layouts were not to the owner’s taste, so he made significant changes. No stranger to building and interior design, 11.11’s owner is a real estate developer of international high-end properties. With FB 265, he brought in his own design and project management team. The target date for completion was an enterprising 10 months. Benetti’s workers had to scurry to fulfill all the demands, and made it.

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