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The Foiler draws inspiration from technologies seen in recent Americas Cup campaigns. Using four hydrofoils, like wings in the water, the yacht is elevated nearly 5 feet (1.5 meters) above the waves at speeds of 18 knots or more, with an effortless and progressive take-off and landing.


Enata with its Swiss engineering expertise brings hydro-foiling capabilities to the leisure boating world. After 10,000 hours of pre-production testing to fine tune every aspect of the Folier’s design. Enata has continued to invest in R&D for the Foiler.

The Foiler’s wings absorb any unevenness on the water’s surface to create a perfectly smooth ride that is stable, comfortable and safe, even when crossing in the wakes of other boats. Even at high speeds, in rough seas the Foiler ride remains smooth and comfortable.

The Foiler uses an industrial-grade hydraulic propulsion system that is reliable, durable and exceptionally quiet, powered by twin V8 marine diesel engines that deliver a total of 740hp. The drag of the torpedoes that power the Foiler has been minimized during hydrofoiling mode, resulting in a significant increase in speed and efficiency; it reaches top speeds of over 40 knots with lower thrust requirements than conventionally designed boats.