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Floating Life, a boutique-company founded in 2002 by Andrea Pezzini and Barbara Tambani, is celebrating 20 years of activity in the world of yacht management.


Attention to quality in its relationship with yacht owners and impeccable service is the leitmotiv that characterizes these two decades.

“More and more Owners want to assign us with the management of their yachts. But before accepting, we want to be sure to guarantee the service they expect, because keeping the quality level of our work at a high level is our main mission ", says Filippo Rossi, CCO of Floating Life, "The goal is not to increase the quantity of yachts, but the quality of the management offered. Owners are not numbers: for us it is a priority to be impeccable. We want to know our clients by name and have a direct and personal relationship in order to offer them the best, always keeping under control all the steps related to the management of their yacht. We are also the first management company in the world to be certified ISO 9001. "


Floating Life offers tailor made products obviating the often complicated bureaucracy that owners can experience. Among the various activities that the company-boutique has to offer, they take care of crew selection and logistic assistance in season including advice on the itineraries in the different seas of the world. The owner need not worry about having to make reservations in the ports and who can always count on around the clock technical assistance. Any unexpected event or problem are solved instantly by a real life person available (not a call center!) and on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"From the beginning, we base the relationship with the Owner on attentive listening to his needs and desires, understanding his holiday ideas and how he wants to experience the yacht", explains Rossi "But also the availability of his time, his work and his breaks; only by knowing the person in depth can an impeccable service be delivered. We try to understand how to help the owner to fully enjoy his yacht ".


of Floating Life maintains a personal relationship with its customers that conventionally runs around 7 years and 3 months. “No management company boasts this record; the turnover with the big management companies is usually much shorter”, Filippo Rossi is keen to underline. "Basically, to get this average, some customers have relied on Floating Life's work for at least 15 years."

"And this is the real success of Floating Life: because it means that there is a loyalty created by our attention. This is real data that fills us with satisfaction ", says Andrea Pezzini founder together with Barbara Tambani of Floating Life," Because our goal is to try to make the owner feel the joy of owning a yacht for the magnificent "object" that it is, and free from any technical and bureaucratic worries ".

Here are some testimonials from Floating Life Owners on the occasion of this twentieth anniversary:

“Since I have been with you, I have resumed the desire to use my yacht. Before, between costs and many small problems, which seemed unsolvable or destabilizing to me, I was almost convinced to sell it and you reassured me and restored my confidence and desire to enjoy it. Now I'm also thinking about growing and it is so nice to have you on board! " SanLorenzo SL 106 Owner

“I am happy to have followed the advice of a friend of mine. Owner: I have no experience as such, it is my first yacht, but with you I feel comfortable! Let's start this adventure together, I'm full of enthusiasm! " wallywhy200 Owner


“If I had met you first, I would have had less headaches; however, now that you are here, I am much more peaceful. It's nice to have someone who solves your problems even before you start worrying”. SanLorenzo EXP 500 Owner

"I have never met such an efficient and close-knit team before, always available and quick in every intervention". INACE Explorer 95 Owner

Floating Life has around 20 yachts under its management (with 50% of its yacht owners being Italian and the rest international clients) who are followed by a team of 24 people (out of 30 employees within the Floating Life Team). "We can support up to 25 yachts and offer an excellent and always top service through the various logistics, technical, itineraries, financial, administrative, crew etc. divisions." specifies Rossi, “Only in this way can we guarantee a perfectly attended service. This is why we do not aim to increase the number of customers, but to improve our offer more and more. "


Among the new services, today Floating Life also includes the possibility, for the yachts who have the Maltese flag, not to hire the crew directly, but to do so through a company based in Malta affiliated with Floating Life. In practice, the crew becomes a service offered by Floating Life that is purchased in the yacht management package.