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Custom Line is launching a new Navetta 30 yacht in its displacement line this fall.

With a length of 93-feet (28.43 meters) and a beam of 24-feet (7.3 meters), this Navetta is the result of the partnership between the Ferretti Group’s Strategic Product Committee, headed by engineer Piero Ferrari, and its Engineering Department. The Navetta 30 is also the first Custom Line vessel to have exterior design by architect Filippo Salvetti and interior design by the architecture firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel.

The new Navetta 30 takes us into a new dimension in design”, explains Stefano de Vivo, the Ferretti Group’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Due to the huge success enjoyed by the new Navetta generation, we want every new project to have the sensational verve of a masterpiece. The Navetta 30 meets this requirement and takes a stunning step forward in the quest to offer Owners and their guests incomparable well-being.

The classic profile of the yacht places the emphasis on the way the lines stretch out horizontally, highlighting this aspect of the design so that the vertical connections between the decks almost go unnoticed.


Additionally, for the first time the drop from the superstructure on the upper deck has been shortened near the glazed window of the Owner’s cabin, giving the yacht a more streamlined shape that is racy and sporty. One of the most striking aspects of the new yacht is a gap between the hull and the superstructure, which has been created by raising the joints with the upper deck to form two clearly separate parts.

The Custom Line displacement range has been expanded by the addition of the new Navetta 30, which blends generous volumes with an attractive, graceful design whose classic charms never grow old. It might have the capabilities of a ship, but it is full of harmoniously balanced visual appeal. It was essential to find the right balance between the hull and the superstructure and emphasize the way the external lines stretch out horizontally in order to add a little vivacious verve to this distinctive, complex creation”, states architect Filippo Salvetti.

The exterior design features large glazed windows in the hull and superstructure, with deck heights of more than 6 ½ feet (2 meters) and very spacious areas forward and aft. With finishes and furniture that match the inside, the outdoor spaces can be used not only for dining and relaxation. Great prominence has been given to the connections between inside and outside areas. The former has been opened up to the exterior as much as possible to offer broader, more panoramic views reaching out over the sea to the horizon.

This project breaks new ground in many significant ways, starting with the incredible volumes: its three decks offer a lot of space for a yacht of this length. The 100% wide body configuration means that Owners and their guests have a full beam Owner’s suite and lounge on the main deck, in addition to four VIP cabins and a crew area on the lower deck. There is a dining area and lounge on the upper deck, which provides access to the integrated bridge that is located further forward. There is also a large sun deck.

The brand-new hull has been created, with lines on the bottom that extend it forward. It is designed not only to host very large spaces but also to offer superb performance and minimize consumption.

The innovative interior design scheme was developed in partnership with Citterio Viel. which has given the yacht a traditional maritime style – from the concept to the color palette – along with a contemporary twist. The classic design of the curved lines on the furniture and window frames presents a modern outlook on nautical traditions, as does the use of teak. There is also carbon detailing, surfaces with quartz fiber combined with fiber glass to create customized textures, sophisticated lacquer and fabrics with ultramarine blue stripes.


"The interior design was developed in partnership with the engineers and architects who designed the hull of the yacht”, states Patricia Viel, co-founder of the Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel architecture firm. "BIM enables us to control every single volume perfectly, thus ensuring that the lighting and interior design schemes fit in flawlessly around the shape of the hull.”

The Custom Line Navetta 30 is ideal for traveling long distances with low fuel consumption and performance at the top of its class. It comes with twin MAN I6 800 mhp engines as standard. They give it a top speed of 14 knots and a They give it a top speed of 14 knots and a transatlantic range of 2,150 nautical miles at a fuel-efficient cruising speed of 10 knots Two other twin engine options are available:

To give maximum comfort at anchor, the Navetta 30 is equipped with stabilizing fins, which can be fitted in conjunction with Seakeeper systems on request. Comfort and safety are top priorities for Custom Line, as underlined by the fact that the yacht falls within CE Class A. This is thanks in part to excellent soundproofing based on targeted mathematical analysis of each and every source of noise on board, and the installation of a floating floor to reduce the transmission of sound from the engine room to the living areas, while also softening the sound of footsteps.

The Navetta 30 is under construction in the Super Yacht Yard in Ancona and it is due to make its official debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival.