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Italy -based Falcon Yachts contracted the Italian Design Firm Quartostile to pen the the exterior and interior lines of their 131-foot (40 meter) model as part of their Legacy Line – and now the design firm is developing Falcon’s new 148-foot (45 meter) vessel. The Legacy Line celebrates the tradition of Falcon Yachts established by the founder, Edoardo Spreafico in the 1980’s.


“It is with the utmost respect for our client, an Italian entrepreneur with a vast experience at sea, that Falcon Yachts engages in the construction of its latest 40 meter yacht. By reviving and thoroughly re-imagining a "Spreafico original," the shipyard intends to pay a tribute to the legacy of Edoardo Spreafico’s expertise, style and ethos, to further develop on his understanding of what a yacht should be all about: comfort and functionality embedded in captivating elegance and incredibly sound engineering”, states Falcon Yachts Management, adding: “We will release our latest designs in early 2021 and look forward to engaging with Falcon clients – both new and existing – as we continue to develop and modernize this prestigious yachting brand. Falcon’s heritage is such that, to this date, it continues to be featured as one of the largest yacht builders in Italy”.

Falcon Yachts Legacy Line is just the starting point of the company’s new journey towards the development of future projects, such as the launch of a full displacement Navetta’s range.