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The new Custom Line unit is the seventh in the Navetta 30 displacement line. With a length of 93 feet (28.43 meters) and a beam of 24 feet (7.3 meters) she has a modern elegance and contemporary style.


The exterior design allows for a voluminous interior. The emphasis on the horizontal movement of the exterior lines gives the yacht a dynamic silhouette, while maintaining the imprint of timeless classicism. The interior is designed to work in synergy with the hull. One of Navetta 30’s breakthrough stylistic features is reflected by how the indoor and outdoor living spaces as complementary planes that intersect in a coherent and structured continuum.

Extensive glazed surfaces in the hull, decks with over 6 ½ feet (two meters) of headroom, and generous stern and bow areas convey a sense of spaciousness. The exteriors are designed for socializing and relaxing, extending the onboard spaces devoted to social interaction and privacy.


One of the stylistic highlights chosen by the owner is the contrast between the brushed teak, used for the furnishings and the door and window frames, and the very dark parquet. Mosaic bathrooms, nubuck leather in dark and muted colors, furnishings for both interior and exterior areas designed entirely by Minotti: the construction quality expresses a distinctive contemporary design in every space and detail.

The brand’s tailor-made style has made it possible for the owner to create a study space on the sun deck with custom-made furniture and a sky bar.


Navetta 30 is the result of collaboration between the Ferretti Group Engineering Department, architect Filippo Salvetti, who styled the exteriors, and Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, the firm that designed the interior architecture on a joint basis with the Custom Line Atelier, which provided strategic interior design consulting.