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87: New Horizon

Trinity Yachts set out to build private yachts a mere 14 years ago in its hometown of New Orleans and opened a second shipyard in nearby Mississippi in 2005 to meet the demand. While at first Trinity’s founding partners set out to fill a niche by building yachts in the 150-foot or so range, the shipyard has since built a number of much larger yachts, many in all aluminum and more recently in steel and with aluminum superstructure.

New Horizon

LENGTH: 242ft. (74m)
YEAR: 2012

Trinity Yachts, expanding on a long history of commercial shipbuilding in its hometown of New Orleans, delivered its first private yacht in the early 1990s. In 1995, the shipyard’s partners set out to fill a niche by building in the United States custom yachts in the 150-foot range, but it did not take long before Trinity Yachts attracted orders for much larger yachts. In 2005, Trinity launched its first stull-heeled vessel–the 180-foot Mia Elise. That same year Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, prompting Trinity to expand to an established shipyard in nearby Gulfport, Miss. Five years later, Trinity delivered the 196-foot steel-hulled Bacarella, for a short time the yard’s flagship. But in late 2011, a much larger yacht with the project name New Horizon was launched in Gulfport. RJC Yacht Sales & Charters’ owner Robert Cury was happy to mark the occasion, having worked closely with the yacht’s owner on this project. The impressive 242-foot steel-hulled yacht should start cruising the world’s oceans soon. She certainly has the ability. At 13 knots, her twin Caterpillar engines and 64,000-gallon fuel capacity will give her a range of about 6,000 nautical miles. Evan K. Marshall has designed the yacht’s interior, which for now remains under wraps.


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