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Raindrops is a new series of superyacht artworks crafted by Canadian Artist and Sculptor Carol Bruton. She is based in the South of France, and her work highlights her fascination with our most precious of elements,—water.


Specially handcrafted to enhance superyacht interiors, Bruton’s artworks allow the flow of both natural and artificial light, complimenting the interior ambience. Her technique uses cold glass and raw pigments which results in an interplay of color and an ethereal interpretation that exudes energy and fluidity, mirroring the reflections and ripples that water creates.


A keen ocean swimmer, Bruton started painting in a tiny fishing village in Costa del Sol in Spain, drawing on inspiration from her surroundings. Elements of the earth, sky and ocean interplay into her artwork, an artistic evolution that induces organic patterns reminiscent of blue holes in the Caribbean or the reflective qualities of Mediterranean coastlines.


She crafted The Superyacht Show’s Richard Earp Award named Ocean's 9, a fluid sculpture made from steel and finished with a transparent colored coating with a gleaming surface that resembles the morning light shining on the ocean.