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Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design is delighted to unveil the designs for the BlackCat 30.This 30m is the latest addition to the groundbreaking range of high performance luxury catamarans designed for BlackCat Superyachts – founded by Australian Olympic yachtsman Mitch Booth.


“The cruising catamaran market is the largest growth sector in midsize yachts today. We believe this trend will continue and eventually will become common throughout the superyacht sailing scene. The large volume and stable platform a BlackCat multihull provides is the logical solution for comfortable cruising”, said Mitch Booth.


The BlackCat 30 (100ft /30.4m) design has been created following many client requests for a catamaran of this size and it’s the latest addition to the portfolio of these next generation, sleek, state-of-the-art, and high-performance multihull superyachts. The BlackCat 50 was the first of these impressive multihulls to be introduced to the marketplace, and the BlackCat 30 has the same beautiful lines as its larger sister and features a spectacular interior design by M2 Atelier.

The BlackCat 30 provides accommodation for up to eight guests in six cabins, along with quarters for a complement of four crew. The yacht has a very open and spacious feel, with the main deck saloon on a single level and big enough to cater for large dinner parties and entertaining.


“We are very proud to be part of this extraordinary team in such a unique project. We try to integrate and connect the interior design with the lines, characteristics and performances of the exterior design in order to achieve a continuous atmosphere and energy. Contemporary, lightness, comfort and luxury blend together in these one-of-a-kind spaces that any superyacht owner expects to see. Technology and craftsmanship are balanced in every aspect of the design to create exceptional spaces”, said Marijana Radovic and Marco Bonelli, BlackCat interior designers from m2atelier.

BlackCat has recently joined forces with McConaghy Boats, who specialize in midsize carbon fiber cruising multihulls. This is the latest addition to the existing exclusive alliance formed by a selection of the industry’s leading suppliers, such as North Technology Group and m2atelier, that reinforces the benchmark already established by BlackCat Superyachts in the large luxury cruising catamaran market.


The advantages of fast and comfortable sailing on a multihull, capable of cruising at 20 knots and reaching maximum speeds of 32 knots, with a low heel angle and a stable platform, make the BlackCat 30 an appealing alternative to a 40 meter monohull. To accommodate client’s wishes, each design can be tailor-made right down to the smallest detail.

The BlackCat range of superyachts are at the cutting edge of cruising performance and due to the lightweight carbon fiber construction, the yachts are able to sail or motor very efficiently, minimizing emissions and, in some cases, eliminating them completely.


There’s been space in the market for some time for a large catamaran design that can offer the luxury and quality of a superyacht this size, and also provide this level of stability and high performance,” says Malcolm McKeon.


BlackCat Superyachts have identified McConaghy Boats as the builder of choice for the BlackCat 30. McConaghy are widely regarded as the experts in the specialist construction of midsize carbon fiber multihulls. McConaghy is the latest addition to the existing alliance of industry-leading suppliers united by BlackCat Superyachts, with other notable names involved including the North Sails and Southern Spars, reinforcing the benchmark already established by BlackCat Superyachts in the large luxury cruising catamaran market.