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Benetti has a new yacht project —the FB284, a 220ft (67m) six-deck megayacht. Giorgio M. Cassetta designed the exterior and the layout and the interior is by Benetti’s in-house designers. FB284 has 7 cabins for guests and 11 cabins for a crew of up to 19.


The new 67m is based on the evolution of the platform of the successful 63m Metis launched last year and is also being used for the construction of yachts FB270, FB274 (both 65 meters) and FB278 “Project Fenestra” (67 meters).

The exterior styling by Giorgio M. Cassetta highlights the horizontal development of the ship to emphasise her length. The meticulous search for harmonious continuity is put into practice by the almost seamless lateral lines that curves to streamline the mass of the superstructures.


The only elements that intentionally break the continuity of the boat’s lines are the bridge wings, whose discontinuity is emphasised by the surrounding surfaces, infusing the design with personality and demonstrating an exquisite combination of form and function.


The styling continues to revisit the design language developed by Benetti achieved by softening lines that are often only apparently straight. The decks sweep upwards at the stern, creating a sensation of lightness in the superstructure and more height in outdoor areas. The sheer size of this almost 70-meter yacht, emphasized by the clear-cut lines of the iconic vertical bow and the sleek hull, is immediately apparent in her impressive and commanding presence.

The woods used are Curly Maple and black Macassar Ebony, with orange veining and a classical imprint. The marble is Carrara White, which gives the surfaces a splendid gleam and contrasts well with the unqualified refinement of black Saint Laurent marble.


On the Main Deck, forward of the salon and galley, there are two VIP cabins; the other four guest staterooms are on the Lower Deck, which doesn’t contain the galley as is usually the case on boats this size, freeing up more space for cabins that can accommodate a crew of 17 or, in an alternative configuration, 19. The four officers can therefore each have their own cabin, which is an important factor in terms of crew comfort and therefore more satisfactory service on board. The spacious Beach Club in the stern, representing the ne plus ultra point of contact with the water, is also fitted with a side door. A hammam with a comfortably sized bath and shower are also available for guests to use. Depending on the owner’s needs, part of the area can also be fitted out as a gym.

The Upper Deck is dedicated to the owner and his social needs. The master stateroom in the bow has a private study and two separate bathrooms and breathtaking view of the bow and the surrounding sea. Amidship, lot of space is taken up by the pantry, a choice that expresses the desire to put the boat’s functionality front and center. On this deck, is a particularly spacious lounge. Outside, a big dining table seating. Next to the dining area, the bar with its comfortable stools facing sternwards is perfect for breakfast or a quick snack, as well as being designed for evocative bartending or show cooking experiences.


The Bridge Deck is designed as the party deck. The shaded area can optionally be closed off to form a veranda fitted out according to the owner’s needs. The various outdoor lounge areas are served by an impressively sized bar with adjacent storage and pantry areas. On the same deck, the big captain’s cabin is positioned next to the ship’s command areas. A well-hidden outside stairway leads to the almost 90-square-meter Sun Deck, which offers a spectacular view from the bar. A Jacuzzi is slightly raised to eliminate differences in height during conversations between guests relaxing in the Jacuzzi and others sipping a cocktail while sitting comfortably on the sofa, in a clear example of how the spaces have been thought out to offer maximum ergonomic consistency between all the areas.