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Arcadia Yachts, based in Italy, signed a contract of sale for the fourth Sherpa 80 XL unit, an 80ft/24m yacht that offers total privacy and seamless contact with the marine environment. The sale confirms the period of strong growth for the brand, with a record increase in the 2022 order book.

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Running 1

Sherpa 80 XL is an eye-catching yacht that fully reflects the design philosophy of the shipyard, which prioritizes respect for the ecosystem through the extensive use of solar power and an ongoing effort to reduce consumption. Like the other models in the Arcadia Yachts fleet, this vessel with a semi-planing hull features amazing seamless continuity between the exteriors and the interiors, which are designed as generous spaces surrounded by up and down windows to reduce the use of air conditioning, fitted with latest-generation solar panels on the roof, and flooded with natural light and the sea breeze.

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Exterior 1

The sale of this unit confirms the success of the new business strategy implemented by the shipyard founded by Ugo Pellegrino, which less than a year after the arrival of Francesco Frediani, in the role of chief commercial officer, has significantly increased the number of owners won over by the brand’s fleet, so much so that the order book in January 2022 already amounts to approximately 20 million euros.

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Interior 2

Nine new Arcadia Yachts are slated for production and delivery by the end of 2022 at the company’s 505,903 sqft/47,000sqm production facility. They will operate in the Mediterranean and in the waters off the emirate of Dubai. The profile of the owners attracted by Arcadia Yachts models is also changing, and they now have a much more diverse background than in the past, driven by the process of brand internationalisation. This key objective in the company’s strategy also involves adapting the features of yachts according to the destination country. The Arcadia brand is particularly gaining momentum in the US.

In the coming months Arcadia will present its new A Line models. The first model is planned to touch the water in spring/summer 2023.