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In 2019, Antonini Navi was contracted to build five hulls complete with superstructure, ranging from 98ft/30m to 190ft/58m in length, for well-known Italian shipyards. Three of the units have already been completed and delivered.


Antonini Navi was founded in 2019 by the owners of the Gruppo Antonini Spa, a robust industrial player operating in the oil & gas industry, with turnover in excess of 100 million euros. Of the five units being built, three— including this latest one —have already been delivered, while the final two are nearing completion: hull metal insulated and ready for filler application, compartments and engine room implemented, bulkhead and deck insulation completed.


Refit work also continues in parallel and at a brisk pace: since 2019, seven routine and special maintenance projects have already been completed on yachts between 59ft/18m and 164ft/50m, while three are currently in progress. Work is always performed to the highest quality standards, thanks to the installation of extremely reliable, latest-generation technology systems. With extensive experience in refit operations, Gruppo Antonini has worked on some important historic vessels over the years, including the Italian Navy’s famous Amerigo Vespucci training ship.

With its strategic hub in the Gulf of La Spezia – 35,5209 sqft/ 33,000sqm of yards and two industrial sheds totalling 45,208sqft/ 4,200sqm—the shipyard is a benchmark for many players in this industry that prefer to contract out their construction work.


The company draws on the experience of over 250 people and boasts a wealth of technical know-how and expertise in engineering, design, construction, assembly and maintenance that it is hard to find in other shipbuilders and represents one of its key points of strength.


Antonini Navi offers a broad range of diversified solutions. In addition to refit projects and boat construction for third parties, Antonini Navi also specializes in the production of full custom superyachts, based either on plans drawn up by a designer hired by the owner or on one of the shipyard’s own innovative proposals. They include the range of UP40 superyachts, based on an innovative 40m platform that can be used to create three different types of superyacht: Crossover, Island and Explorer. All designed by Fulvio De Simoni, the version currently under construction is the UP40 Crossover.