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Promoting sustainable technology of the future, Lürssen has developed an innovative, climate-neutral yacht model called Alice that shows what a Lürssen yacht could look like in the future. Alice is an emergence into a new era. Right now, she remains a model, but one that paves the way for yachts to come. Alice is a fraction of reality in movement.


The yacht concept of tomorrow’s wonderland is driven by state-of-the-art design as well as ecological responsibility. Parks and ponds transform the yacht’s deck into a natural paradise, which when combined with the living walls in the interior, create a unique ecosystem on board. Nature surrounds Alice in its own atmosphere, and teak is replaced by fast-growing and lightweight organically farmed wood that meets the high standards for yachts with the same exquisite look and feel.

Alice is climate-neutral. An emission-free fuel cell generates electrical energy based on hydrogen reformed from green methanol. The fuel cell replaces the conventional diesel generators on board. For higher speed and energy demands, an additional methanol engine is added.


Energy saving technologies, such as waste heat recovery utilizations, recover heat emissions for use within the HVAC system, for both heating and cooling-purposes. This is complemented by mirrored glass windows around the owner’s deck where reflecting the heat serves for thermal insulation and reduces energy load of the air conditioning systems.

While Alice is simply a concept, Lürssen is now building its first real yacht with fuel cell technology for a pioneering and technology driven client. The fuel cell flanks the conventional generators and represents a giant step towards launching an emission free Lürssen yacht. This innovative technology makes it possible to anchor emission-free for 15 days or cruise 1000 miles at slow speed.