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Alicia writes, blogs and speaks on issues of conscious living, purposeful leadership, women’s issues and personal evolution.

She is the author of Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You: More Joy and Less Stress in 365 Days and EveryDay Epiphanies: Insights for Living with Purpose. She writes and blogs for several online magazines including Tiny Buddha, Medium, Thrive Global, The Wellness Universe and more.

Alicia is a Georgetown University certified leadership coach and the president of Sophia Associates Inc. an international leadership development practice where she has worked for 20 years with visionary leaders, executive women, creative and social entrepreneurs and change agents on Conscious Leadership practices.

In 2012 Alicia visited Ecuador on a whim. At the time she wasn’t aware that she was at a threshold in her life that would change her in ways she could never have imagined. There she met a shaman who would be her guide for the next 7 years. With him she learned the Andean secrets of a deeper spirituality and the levels of transformation that are possible when we commit to conscious evolution.

She built a retreat center on the coast of Ecuador to host clients who were in the murky spaces of changing their lives. She has guided countless women to reconnect to their authentic sense of purpose, eliminate limitations and fear-based stories, and courageously step into their potential with ease and grace.

In 2021 Alicia was called to move to Portugal to work on her third book, a memoir entitled Dancing Between the Worlds. She currently works remotely with change makers around the world as she prepares to host retreats in her new home in Portugal.

As a global citizen, Alicia leads an independent lifestyle of freedom and purpose enhanced by the spirituality of Ecuador and the creativity, culture and vitality of Portugal.

Alicia enjoys meaningful conversations, cooking with friends, fine wine, strong coffee, dogs, a good sense of humor, meditating by the ocean and walks in nature. Alicia embodies the qualities of a warrior, leader and sage and is appreciated by her clients for her wisdom, intuition and authenticity.


What we will discuss at the breakfast: A Woman’s Quest for Meaning

Tell me what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver

As we go through our lives what matters to us changes with our age, with life events, with traumas and with opportunities, and even by chance. Mostly we navigate these changes unconsciously, not fully aware that something is changing. We begin to notice a discomfort, an unease or an intolerance with others and with things that before we simply accepted. That inkling is the beginning of a transition.

Join us for a conversation about meaning making in these ever-shifting times, when the world is dealing with a collective struggle that is reflected in our individual lives. Regardless of your age, what matters to you today will undoubtedly change through the course of your life. How will you know that it’s time to shift? What can you do to pass through these transitions with greater ease and grace? How do you deal with the cultural and societal messages about what it means to be a woman and a leader? How do you maintain your authenticity, living a life of purpose and meaning while staying true to yourself? These questions and more will be unfolded as we join together in this bold conversation about life, love and leading. Bring your curiosity, your unanswered questions and an open heart.