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AB Yachts has sold 2 yachts in AB 100 range over the last two months, with delivery scheduled for June 2022 and March 2023, respectively. Also, the first AB 120 Beach, sold on the American market and will hit the water at the end of the year. With its thirty years of experience, AB Yachts is an option for Owners wishing to enjoy comfort and luxury while also safely enjoying the pure adrenaline of top performances. One can reach more destinations in less time. For instance: one can cruise from Portofino to Saint Tropez in just a couple of hours, from Miami to Cat Cay, Bahamas, in 45 minutes, or from New York to the Hamptons in less than two hours.

A sporty character, but with a strong focus on onboard lifestyle and comfort. In the words of Next Yacht Group's CEO Gennaro Candida De Matteo, “there is a large segment of true sea enthusiasts who recognise our brand and our yachts for their unparalleled speed and manoeuvrability; their extremely limited draught, allowing to cruise almost everywhere; the possibility to enjoy pleasant, vibration-free cruises; incredible brightness and unparalleled onboard liveability; and innovative solutions to enjoy the sea at best - not to mention the top-quality and exclusivity of décor and finishes. These are no "toys", but sophisticated, emotional tools".

News from NEXT Yacht Group

NEXT Yacht Group, owner of the brands Maiora, AB Yachts and CBI Navi was officially launched on September 1, 2021. NEXT Yacht Group is an integral part of a wider, strategic plan of GB Invest Holding AG to invest in the top-end luxury hospitality sector, aiming to connect Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi.

Relying on the sound economic and financial standing of GB Invest Holding AG, a world leader in Information Technology and in the application potential of artificial intelligence, NEXT Yacht Group is now aiming to combine technological research with the bespoke approach of fully-custom products, going beyond conventional paradigms to offer its own vision of excellence and a different, innovative interpretation of Luxury Lifestyle.

With its 3 brands, Maiora, AB Yachts e CBI Navi, the Group offers 3 different product families, each having its own distinctive features. The current range features yachts in composite material: comfortable and airy flybridge yachts between 98ft/30m and 164ft/50m length under the Maiora brand, and faster waterjet propulsion cruisers between 80 and 166 feet bearing the AB yachts brand. CBI Navi, in turn, is the metal-yachts division, specialising in the construction of large customized crafts.

Considerable investments have already been made to renovate production sites, develop new models, and strengthen the design and organizational structure.