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Wine storage

Wine lovers beware. Cruising the high seas could be hazardous to your fine bottles of wine.


Properly storing a wine collection is already a complex process, but when you add the constant motion, changes in temperature and humidity and levels onboard a yacht, “complex” doesn’t even begin to cover it anymore. A properly chilled, stabilized and placed cellar is far better than an impromptu cabinet if you plan to take wine along for a long journey.

As usual, space limitations are to be considered, and a normal ready-made wine cooler or cabinet isn’t as always an attractive option to store a fine collection of well-traveled wine. Custom is the way to go. On land, whether for residential or commercial work, there are quite a few companies that can provide beautiful custom wine storage, but there aren’t many who have the necessary techniques, expertise and products in place for marine work. Companies such as Vintage Cellars, based in California, have begun to make forays into yachting and found creative solutions to create special cellars in tight spaces. For instance, the company actually transformed steam shower into a custom wine cellar by integrating a cooling system into existing plumbing.

Vinotemp, an established company in both residential and commercial high-end custom wine storage, has also entered the yachting market with specially designed wine cellars, coolers and cabinets. All products and materials for yacht applications are specially designed for marine use and the company builds everything from the wood racks to the cooling units they use in their cellars. Early planning during the build is a good idea as it allows the company to integrate temperature control and ventilation directly into the yacht’s systems for more effective and reliable cooling.

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