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UIM Awards Ceremony

The power of green

Grenline 33 Hybrid

Grenline 33 Hybrid

The Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), the international voice of powerboat racing for nearly 100 years, recently hosted its annual awards ceremony in its hometown of Monaco. New to the celebration this year was the UIM’s first environmental awards. That’s right, while the sport of motorboating is not now and likely will never be “green,” relying as it does on sheer horsepower for excitement, it does not exclude awareness and good citizenship. The UIM, operating in a new era of conservationism, is looking to recognize those who make power engines more efficient and the whole motorboating industry more environmentally friendly.

The first environmental awards honored the Ferretti Group for its Long Range 23 Mochi Craft (previously featured in Yachts International), Seaway Group LTD for its Greenline 33 Hybrid and Italian boatbuilder Fiart Mare Spa for its Fiberglas Boat Life Cycle Assessment. More than 400 guests from 30 countries attended the event.

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