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Tenders Times Three

Looking for a new tender? Why not consider these options from Grand-Craft, Cherubini and Belzona?

Grand-Craft Commuter

Based in Holland, Mich., Grand-Craft has been building mahogany boats for about 30 years, but it was their new Commuter model that caught our eye at the Palm Beach International Boat Show. Elegant and classic, the boat makes you want to run your hand along the gleaming wood panels and sit down on the plush leather benches. The model docked in Palm Beach, was configured as a limousine, with bench seats along each side of the enclosed interior, but Grand-Craft offers a multitude of options, from other arrangements to optional galleys, dinettes, entertainment systems, advanced navigation, heat and air conditioning, head and additional sleeping accommodations. Twin engines are standard, but the power available ranges from cruising speed to 50+ mph. The vessels are built to USCG standards. The Commuter is available in 32, 36 and 40-foot models and a chauffer helm is optional.


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Cherubini Floridian

New Jersey-based Cherubini has created the ultimate Floridian boat. Reminiscent of a classic Corvette, with sleek chrome, white and custom blue trim (called Cherubini Biscayne Blue), the boat, built entirely in fiberglass, looked right at home in Palm Beach, Fla., where it was introduced to the public. This 20-foot boat comfortably seats five and can, of course, be customized to the owner’s specifications or to match the mothership. Standard power on this model is a Mercury 4.3L 220hp V6 with Alpha Drive and this package lets the boat hit speeds of up to 48 knots. She can, however, be outfitted with inboard or outboard gas or diesel engines and extra seating is available as well.


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Belzona 325 Center Console

Since its debut at the 2012 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show last fall, Belzona’s 325 center console has been garnering attention with its innovative features. This Miami-based company has tweaked the traditional center console. Its 32-foot boat features two 40-inch access doors, one port and one starboard, created by sliding the gunnel aft. This, combined with cleverly hidden ladders, makes the boat readily accessible to swimmers, divers and even passengers on wheel chairs. The standard engine package is twin 250hp Mercury Verado, but optional upgrades include 300hp Verados or engines from Yamaha, Evinrude, Suzuki or Honda.


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